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America Is Still A Beacon Of Democracy

With all the talk of our corrupt government due to this bailout, you forget just how bad other democratic societies are. We have enjoyed the best political & economic system in the world! Unfortunately, the damage done by this Wall Street debacle is like has had a domino effect. We are still watching them fall.
In the Democratic Republic of Congo, there is terrible greed & corruption. The civilians are being murdered & terrorized by numerous militia groups. This has been an ongoing ordeal for years & it has virtually been ignored by America. As one of the greatest countries on earth, we must not let that beacon of democracy fade away.

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Global Warming Will Affect Poor Countries More Than Rich Ones


http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=21448&Cr=climate&Cr1 If the economy keeps plummetting, we won’t be classified as rich too much longer. For now, everybody is scraping up the $4 bucks for gas & etching out their existence. People who reside in poorer countries aren’t worried about gas. They’re worried about food & other basic needs. But they also need to be concerned about global warming. Follow the link for the full story.

Basically, the United Nations Secretary-General warns that poor countries will suffer more because of global warming. We all have not come to an agreement, here in America ,on whether global warming is real or not. Apparently, the majority of the world has come to the conclusion that it is an impending threat.  Global warming is caused by human activity which has affected the environment.  Poor countries that may not have contributed to global warming at all will suffer greater consequences. Since America’s still a rich country, we’ll suffer less from global warming. It all depends on an economic turnaround.

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