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Our Conspiracy Theories Are Pretty Believable

Yeah, some of the theories out there are pretty preposterous. I’ve seen some hilarious videos on the internet that propose to have the evidence. The alien, ghosts, angels, & bigfoot videos really bring out the skeptic in me. But they are fun to look at. Secretly, I want to see something mystifying like a flying humaniod but I have not. The UFO videos are hard to discount although I know most of them are hoaxes.
The New World Order is a scary prospect that I hope is just a conspiracy theory. These chips make science fiction movies like ” Gattaca” look documentaries. In that movie, the genetic code could be manipulated to produce perfect human beings. Check out this video! There are portions of it ( the implantable chips) that freak me out! The 9/11 & terrorism aspect of this theory is bogus, though!

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