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Pamela Anderson:The Goddess Of Breast Augmentation!

Pamela Anderson is good at being an overexposed blonde. Lord knows,that she is an expert at that!All of her movie roles consist of just looking like the best lay ever!That’s her talent right there. So,is it any wonder that she was letting it all hang out at a Paris fashion show? Nope! That’s just who she is. An old lass with no class,Pam is still just tits & ass! Here’s more on her freaky antics from The Daily Mail:

Pamela Anderson has spent thousands on her breasts, so perhaps it was unsurprising that she wanted to share them with the audience of Vivienne Westwood’s fashion show.

The actress suffered the wardrobe malfunction as she joined Westwood to accept the applause of the audience at Paris Fashion Week.

Her surgically enhanced left breast came free of her halterneck black gown, as Pamela smiled and laughed.

When she realised the mistake, she appeared briefly shocked as she pulled her top back on, but didn’t seem too upset.

Earlier Westwood’s unlikely muse had wiggled down the catwalk to a whooping audience in huge safety blankets folded into coats and out-of-control pink tulle. The show culminated with Pamela twirling down the catwalk first in a tutu and then in a skin-tight T-shirt.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

Here’s more on what she’s most famous for from Wellsphere.com:

“Pamela Anderson’s breasts have become a large part of her career. I have been interviewed by numerous media sources regarding the status of her breasts, most recently by Life and Style Weekly. Pam Anderson started out way back when with breasts likely in the C-cup range. While making it big on “Baywatch,” her breasts increased in size along with her career to most likely DD range. In 1999, she had the implants removed and replaced with smaller ones, bringing her closer to a D. These smaller implants were then exchanged for larger ones soon thereafter. She currently appears to retain these larger DD implants, which after viewing several photos are likely in the 500-550 cc range, and possibly larger.

Why did Pamela return to the larger implants after decreasing in size? I have two thoughts on this.
First, Pamela’s image is all about excess. She is the only mainstream Hollywood actress who has a porn star’s body. She has tattoos, large augmented lips, massive breasts, and flowing blond hair. Her image is over the top, and carries through to most parts of her public life. Her boyfriends are “dangerous” rockers such as Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. She even released an erotica novel at a similar time as Jenna Jameson, the porn star who is on the verge of mainstream but never quite gets there, unlike Pam. It is possible that her breasts are essential to her image and career, like Angelina Jolie’s lips, Cindy Crawford’s mole, and Fergie’s hump and bumps.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.


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The World’s Biggest Sex Symbol Was Born & Bred Here

 World's Greatest Sex Symbol

 Marilyn Monroe was one of the world’s sexiest women of all time! She oozed sex appeal & encouraged sexual freedom in women. She is a different kind of feminist but she is one. This woman was intelligent because she gained her fame from exploiting a stereotype. She was the stereotypical dumb blonde. In her life, she was a determined young woman who had a enviable drive. Most people are not as fearless as she was. They are scared to take a chance in life. If she would have just stayed Norma Jean, America may not have the women they have come to love today. Women like Pamela Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith, Paris Hilton, etc… They all were inspired by this great American movie star. We love ya, Marilyn!!!  We will always remember you.

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