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We Have Separation Of Church And State In America!

One American principle that I really love is that we separate  church and state.Politics are not supposed to be mixed with religion.But,some folks just have trouble adhering to that fact.

Take Mayor Osby Davis of Vallejo,CA for instance.He had to issue a formal apology for the aspersions he cast on his gay constituents.The NY Times carried an article that quoted him as saying that “they’re committing sin and that sin will keep them out of heaven.”

Wow! And he is a Christian attorney.Well,he should judge not,lest he be judged.Because,in the end,we are all sinners.No man is free of all sin.

Here’s more from The Oakland Tribune:

“At least one person said he plans to call for Davis’ resignation or recall while another wants him to be censured.

Davis said Tuesday he wants the community to pull together and move forward during difficult times.

“It should go without saying, and is certainly obvious to all who know me, that my conduct, actions and decisions have demonstrated my conviction for fairness for all people and my love for this city,” Davis wrote.

Sherrie Connelly, a hospital chaplain and former Human Relations commissioner, said she was confused by Davis’ comments, but was reasonably certain Davis didn’t intend to “cause the kind of brouhaha” that was raised.

“I believe the mayor’s comments stir the soup in Vallejo in a very unfavorable way,” said Connelly, a self-described straight, 65-year-old woman.

As elected officials, we have a responsibility to serve the entire community, not just the ones who believe as we do.”

Former planning commissioner and gay activist Charles Legalos called for action against Davis.

“I want to get an item on the City Council agenda to censure him,” Legalos said.

“His comments were completely out of line. They have no place coming from a city official.”

Legalos also expressed concern over the separation of church and state issue as it relates to the city of God remark.

“Separation of church and state is a fundamental tenet of our government, and he violated it,” Legalos said.

Davis said his prepared statement was not designed to defend his beliefs. He added that he did not feel his beliefs related to the intent of the New York Times column.

I did not intend to use my position as mayor to espouse my beliefs,” Davis said. “I will not use my position as mayor to espouse my personal beliefs. My personal beliefs are mine and mine alone — and they will remain mine from this point on.”

Former school board candidate and openly gay priest Lou Bordisso, also quoted in the Times column, said remarks like Davis’ can lead to negative consequences.

Bordisso said Monday he’s planning a rally and news conference at 6:15 p.m. Dec. 1 in front of City Hall before the regular City Council meeting.

“There’s a lot of anger out there and people need a forum in which to express their anger and frustration,” Bordisso said.

Others expanded on Bordisso’s apprehensions.

I believe the main point is the image of Vallejo going out to the world — this mixing politics with religion,” said Max Green, a self-described politically aware Vallejo resident. ”

(Davis) is supposed to be the mayor of everyone, not just those who believe as he does.” And besides, Legalos said, Vallejo doesn’t need more negative attention.

“It’s discouraging,” he said. “The city has gained notoriety in terms of crime, bankruptcy, bad management, and to add this to it … to now be known as a city with a bigoted mayor. …” (End of Excerpt) Read the entire article here.

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Britney Spears Has Gone From Being A Pop Star To A Tabloid Star!

Britney Spears has nothing to contribute musically.She can’t sing,play any instruments, or do anything that a musically inclined person is able to do.And though some claim that she can dance,I don’t call gyrating dancing! Sorry,I just don’t!

So,why was she ever considered to be a pop star in the first place?Oh,it’s because she sold a ton of records! But,haven’t we seen her act somewhere before? Hell,she’s not even original! Madonna could at least dance & a lot of her songs are classics!And truth be told,she stole part of her act from Janet Jackson as well!

Name one Britney song that is timeless!Unfortunately,Britney Spears will never be the legend that Madonna or Janet Jackson is. I don’t care how many times she lets her pussy hang out! There’s more to being a star than creating controversies.But,I happen to like the one that Fox News is creating over her new song, “If You Seek Amy“! Here’s more on that from the SFGate:

“Britney Spears taunts the media in her naughty new video “If U Seek Amy,” poking fun at the controversy surrounding the song’s sexually suggestive lyrics.The song has caused a storm of controversy, with family groups urging radio stations to ban the tune, because of its racy, suggestive lyrics. Spears appears to be singing ‘[bleep] me’ in the chorus.Spears debuted the clip online today, and she wasted no time addressing her headline-hitting lyrics, both opening and closing the video with a clip of a news anchor appearing outraged at the song’s sexual undertones.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

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