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Colin Powell Finally Posed The Question “What’s Wrong With Being Muslim?’

Colin Powell Grooving To African Hip-Hop! 

 Colin Powell made his endorsement on the show “Meet The Press” this Sunday. He gave an in-depth explantion as to why he was doing so. He has angered folks like Rush Limbaugh who claim he’s just doing this for racial reasons. Now, Retired Gen. Colin Powell is a very notable man in U.S. history because of his very accomplished career. But many question just how much Colin Powell even identifies with being black! Back on Oct. 15, 2002, Harry Belafonte appeared on CNN where he made some very disparaging remarks about Colin Powell. He basically called him an  Uncle Tom. Read the full transcript by following this link  :  (http://www.blackcommentator.com/14_belafonte.html) As you can see, there is are some blacks who have questioned just how much he identifies with being black. Colin Powell said he didn’t like the direction that the Republican Party was taking. He said that it was moving more to the far right.

Obama’s an Arab! He’s a Muslim“! These are the screams that can be heard at McCain rallies. John McCain has not come out & actually denounced those untruths. He did clarify that Barack Obama is a “decent man“. The implication being that Arab or Muslim men are not “decent“. I have not heard anyone repudiate that notion until I saw Colin Powell on “Meet the Press” today. He suggested that there is an even bigger question looming than whether or not Obama is a Muslim or not. Although he clarified that Obama is a Christian, he said “What’s wrong with being Muslim”?
I think that’s a question that America should ask itself. Especially since you have Muslims in the military who are willing to lay down their life for this country. I am not of the belief that God created religion. Or that religion created God. Man created religion to divide & conquer other human beings. I do not subscribe to the idea that a certain religion is bad. There are terrible extremists in every faith.

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This Is Turning Out To Be The Best Election I’ve Ever Seen!

Funny Picture Of Presidential Candidates
And the Battle Still Rages On….. http://www.ebaumsworld.com/pictures/view/561435/#

I started voting when John Kerry was running against George Bush. The most dramatic thing that happened was the “swift boat ads” that attacked John Kerry’s service record. At that time, the country was still living in constant fear of another terrorist attack. Unfortunately, Americans felt much more safe with the same president that had resided over the country after 9/11. George Bush won because people thought that he was the best bet. Then Hurricane Katrina hit & his delayed reaction was devastating to the victims & the rest of the country. People really started to compile a list of negatives about George Bush which has resulted in the low approval ratings that he has today! Not only that, there are some who consider him to be a war criminal for the Iraq war. For those reasons, the 2008 election has dominated the minds of the majority of Americans. The current president is so disliked that voters want to make sure they don’t make the same mistake again. More people are registering to vote than ever. But it’s not just George Bush that’s got the country energized this election cycle.

During the presidential primaries, there were two democratic candidates that got the country motivated to vote. Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama’s heated race brought so much passion to each candidate’s supporters. It created a huge divide in the democratic party & when Hillary lost it outraged her devotees. Although Barack Obama won, some Hillary Clinton enthusiasts have become some of his most vocal detractors. Their passion seemed to overwhelm all sense of logic even though this was a historical moment! Because never in America has there been a black man leading the democratic party in the fight to win the presidency! That moment was almost overshadowed by all the drama involving both of the Clintons!

Up until this point, there’s been barely a ripple of excitement coming from the republican pick, John McCain. Oh, there was a little attention paid to him during the primaries because his campaign was running out of money. Many political pundits thought he would have to drop out. They kept talking about Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney. Frankly, Mitt Romney is good-looking so it would have made this race more thrilling if he would have gotten it. I don’t think people felt comfortable with because he was Mormon. Most republicans have an evangelical background so they were gravitating towards Mike Huckabee. But, John McCain emerged as the victor in the presidential primaries.

He was touted as the ultimate war hero but he wasn’t exciting the republican base. Well, they almost ejaculated when they found out who the VP pick was. Sarah Palin stimulated more than the base. The whole country became beguiled with this unknown female governor from Alaska. They became even more fascinated because she had some drama going on in her life.

With the revelation that she had an unmarried 17 year-old daughter, people really started to dissect her whole life more. Then it was revealed that she may have tried to get her brother-in-law fired because he was going through a bad divorce with her sister. It’s the basis of an investigation many have dubbed “troopergate”. Then, a tape was shown of Sarah Palin at Wasilla Church. There was an excerpt of the tape that was of particular concern to many. Sarah Palin revealed that a witch hunter put his hands on her & she became governor of Alaska! A lot of people just didn’t know what to make of the tape! They found that to be an incredulous claim & they speculated about her belief in witchcraft! Pretty spooky! But, if that’s not enough drama then let’s rewind back to Barack Obama.

As the first black candidate, there is drama in just that fact alone. Then, it came to light that he had a controversial preacher who has preached some radical sermons. The fact that he had any involvement at all with Reverend Wright threatened to derail his campaign. Especially when the preacher started making public appearances. It seemed like this scandal would never die down. Fortunately for him, that is the worst of his indignities. The other tittle-tattle was easily disproved. Everyone that has the capacity to do research knows he is a Christian & not a Muslim. There’s been a lot of speculation about each of these candidates. From celebrities to talk show hosts, these candidates have dominated the airwaves! Comedians like Tina Fey have delighted people with her dead-on impersonations of Sarah Palin! Who could forget her parody of that awful Katie Couric interview? This presidential election has had more plot twists than an Alfred Hitchock movie! It’s a mystery who will win but I’m sure glad I’ll have a hand in solving it!


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IRA Bombings Don’t Happen In America!

At least Americans are faced with Al-Qaeda as our biggest threat. Sept. 11, 2001 was the worst terrorist attack in modern American history. It was also the scariest because it came from perpetrators not born on American soil. They were from a part of the world that is used to suicide bombings.

In Britian, not only do they have to worry about Muslim extremists attacking their citizens. They must deal with the Irish Republic Army as well. Bombings have occurred all over Britian for decades.We have had one massive terrorist attack. Around the world, they have lost count. That makes me glad to be an American!

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Female Circumcision Is Not Common Here

The fact that we can choose to circumcise our children is one reason to be happy you’re an American! Don’t you know that in some cultures the decision has already been made? I saw an interesting episode of “The Tyra Banks Show” that dealt with female mutilation & the victims of it. One young African female guest was a former contestant on ” America’s Top Model” & a victim of this. She explained that she was both Somolian & Ethiopian. As a muslim girl, it was decided that this procedure should be done to preserve her sanctity. In her culture, female circumcision is a rite of passage. This poor woman did not discover what had been done to her until she came to America. But according to this video, the procedure was performed here also. Now that is something I did not know! It is very informative & I’m glad as Americans there is freedom of choice! Just one more reason to be patriotic!

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