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Americans Have Less Abortions Than Russians!

In this election, Americans have two very different choices. For many women, it is inspiring to have a female VP candidate no matter what their political stance is. Hillary Clinton gave hope to the progress of the feminist cause which is the right to be considered equal with men. They felt that the female voice had been stifled when Hillary lost. The emotions ran so high that it is still a challenge for Barack Obama to sway these women to vote for him. After Obama picked Joe Biden, John McCain made a shrewd political move & picked a woman. He hoped that his decision to name Sarah Palin as the VP would assuage those feelings of dejection these Hillary supporters felt.

It is hard for those liberal feminists who adored Hillary Clinton to do anything for Sarah but silently cheer her on. They may be keen on a woman for vice president but it’s too bad she’s not akin to Hillary Clinton in any way except her gender. We’ve all heard the dissimilarities between them but the most blaring one is on the topic of abortion. Sarah Palin is wholeheartedly against it no matter what the circumstances which is quite different than Hillary Clinton’s viewpoint on abortion.

Now, I think that we need to reduce the number of abortions in the U.S. We are the second country that performs the most abortions in the world.  Only Russia has more abortions than we do . There are several birth control methods that can prevent unwanted pregnancies. We need to educate our youth about the choices that are available to them. I don’t want the government to control whether or not I can make a decision about my body. The right to choose is part of a democracy. It is a key component of American principles to have the freedom of choice.  Thank God we can choose in this country. Here is a link to some countries that limits a woman’s right to choose. http://www.reproductiverights.org/pdf/pub_fac_abortionlaws.pdf

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