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French Anti-Doping Officials Say Lance Armstrong Did Not Follow The Protocol For Drug Testing!

Lance Armstrong has been accused by French officials of not remaining under the watchful eye of the person who administers drug tests.They question the 20 minutes that he spent in the shower while his staff checked the drug tester’s qualifications.

Now,that sounds like a diversionary tactic to me.But,I could be wrong.Lance Armstrong said that he was not sure who this guy really was. So, he had his assistants check the tester out! And you know that French anti-doping officials have been after him for years.

Why would the tester agree to let him take a shower & then say that he violated their testing rules? If that’s the case, the tester should have told him that he had to stay under his observation!Here’s more on this story from Yahoo:

” France’s anti-doping agency accused Lance Armstrong of violating its rules Thursday for not fully cooperating with a drug tester and says it could punish the seven-time Tour de France champion.Armstrong has denied misbehaving during a test of his hair, urine and blood on March 17. No banned substances were found.The agency, known as AFLD, said in a statement that the doctor leading the tests maintains Armstrong “did not respect the obligation to remain under the direct and permanent observation” of the tester.

At question is a 20-minute delay when Armstrong says the tester agreed to let him shower while the American rider’s assistants checked the tester’s credentials.AFLD said cycling’s governing body has given its permission to open disciplinary procedures against Armstrong, but did not say what the punishment could be.AFLD president Pierre Bordry noted that the statement does not say that Armstrong is guilty of an infraction. AFLD is expected to make a decision on whether to proceed with sanctions after its nine-member ruling committee has considered the tester’s report.“(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

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