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Barack Obama Represents Both Sides In The Race Issue!

He's Black & White, ALRIGHT PEOPLE!

Black & White Man

How is it that race is such a huge factor in this election? A whole lot of folks are up in arms about Barack Obama’s race. I don’t want to vote for a black man to be the president of the United States! These are the impassioned cries of some American voters. But, why all the fervor over this race issue? After all, whose to say that Barack Obama is even black? He is a composite of two different ethnic groups. He embodies the diversity of our great nation. In a country that has a history of hatred between blacks & whites, I think it’s pretty moving that Barack Obama is a combination of both warring races. He is of the same ancestry as both the slave & the master. In fact, his white ancestors owned slaves in America. Here’s an excerpt from http://www.thebaltimoresun.com.

While a relative owned slaves, another fought for the Union in the Civil War,” campaign spokesman Bill Burton said last night. “And it is a true measure of progress that the descendant of a slave owner would come to marry a student from Kenya and produce a son who would grow up to be a candidate for president of the United States.” Read the rest of the article by following the link(http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/nationworld/politics/bal-te.obama02mar02,0,3453027.story).
I found this really interesting documentary online about race identity on youtube.com. It is about creoles who feel that they are, “Too White To Be Black, Too Black To Be White“. As the title states, it is an in-depth look into how this multicultural group fits into a black & white world. It is very informative & it grapples with the all the issues of race. A clip of it is shown in this video.
One article I read about ethnicity was really astonishing! It is frome http://www.mixedheritagecenter.org. This website has a claim that has been disputed by some. That is that Barack Obama may not be the first black president of the United States of America! Link here for more info on that :(http://www.mixedheritagecenter.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1471&Itemid=29
It wouldn’t suprise me one little bit if there were presidents who didn’t divulge their black ancestry. And if that’s true, maybe that’ll take the steam out of the race debate once & for all.

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In Comparison To Other Countries, We’re Still Rich!

The U.S. dollar bill is declining in value in the world . Food & gas seem unobtainable to most. I had to quit my job when I got relocated. That would have added an extra 30 miles a day to my commute! In these times, that’s an absolute no-no. We are facing another great depression in America. Even so, we are still one of the wealthiest countries in the world. This video shows how the food crisis affects different parts of the world. By compiling news bits from various countries, they show you the different reactions to it. The news report from the United States had no sense of urgency or panic to it. In other countries, they were dealing with riots, starvation, & death. Here we’re trying to compromise on a trillion dollar bailout to save our ass! In comparison to other countries, we’re not doing so bad.

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