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Gov. Blagojevich Speaks At His Impeachmeant Trial & It Didn’t Help! He’s No Longer The Governor Of Illinois!

Gov. Blagojevich gave us a colorful closing argument today at  his impeachment trial. He  recited his personal history again today & seemed to be contrite. But, the big news was that he tried to drag Rahm Emmanuel,Ted Kennedy & John McCain into it. He said that if people feel that he should be thrown out of office,then John McCain & Rahm Emmanuel should be considered his co-conspirators. And Blagojevich said that Rahm Emmanuel should be fired as well. Because they are all guilty of the same thing. Basically what he’s saying is that all politicians play dirty & double deal. They’re all guilty of wrongdoing. Blagojevich has tried to make this whole incident about the process instead of his actions. They’re “setting a dangerous precedent” if he is removed from the governor’s office. Wow! I wonder if Rahm Emmanuel will respond to Blagojevich’s call for him to be fired.

But, it was wrong to drag Senator Ted Kennedy into this. He’s sick,man. Let him recover & try to save your own ass in a different way. I don’t think this speech he gave will change the outcome, which is that he will be replaced by Lt. Gov. Patrick Quinn. It was very entertaining,even though he never answered the charges. Here’s some of the accusations from the AP:

“Blagojevich, 52, doesn’t deny making the comments alleged by federal prosecutors. But he says they were taken out of context and don’t amount to anything illegal.

In the recordings, which were played during Tuesday’s session, one person, identified as Blagojevich’s brother and campaign chairman Robert Blagojevich, assures the governor that a horse racing track owner “is good for it” and just has to decide “what accounts to get it out of.”

Another person, lobbyist and former Blagojevich chief of staff Lon Monk, assures him the track owner knows he must keep his “commitment” soon. Blagojevich replies with comments like “good” and “good job.”

The allegation at the center of the tapes is that Blagojevich improperly pressured John Johnston, owner of two Chicago-area harness-racing tracks, to donate money by the end of 2008, when a new ethics law would take effect and restrict donations. Prosecutors say Blagojevich threatened not to sign legislation giving tracks a portion of casino-generated revenue unless he got the donation.

It’s not clear whether Johnston ever made a donation; federal prosecutors have seized Blagojevich’s campaign records. Johnston has not been charged with any illegal activity, and his attorney denies Johnston ever requested any quid pro quo.

None of the people on the calls specifically mention money. Monk and Robert Blagojevich have not been charged with any crime.

The governor was arrested last month on a variety of corruption charges, including scheming to benefit from appointing President Barack Obama’s U.S. Senate replacement and demanding campaign contributions in exchange for state services.

Lawmakers, who could vote within days on whether to remove Blagojevich, heard only a few minutes of FBI tapes. But an FBI agent vouched for the accuracy of many other Blagojevich quotes that were included the federal criminal complaint.

If the Senate convicts him, Blagojevich will be removed from office and replaced by Lt. Gov. Patrick Quinn, a fellow Democrat.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here:  http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5ga4r6Ic7fPOykfh6cdeLeKYKO6vwD960AUJ81

And that’s all, folks! Mr. Blagojevich’s self-aggrandizations didn’t help anything but his ego. He is no longer the governor. Finally.

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Because ” America Sure Loves Those Hockey Moms”!

I was watching the vice presidential debate tonight with Sarah Palin & Joe Biden. When I see Sarah Palin I always think of a hockey or soccer mom. You know that they say she’s great with the one-liners & the zingers. Well, that’s one line that really sticks out for me. I would love to be a soccer, hockey, softball, karate, or any other kind of mom. The problem is that even before the stocks started plunging my finances went kaput! I’ve got a new line for whatever campaign wants to pick it up. “A lot of American moms are somewhere between a welfare mom & a hockey mom. They can’t afford the hockey lessons but their income is too great to receive welfare. Check out this post from a blogger that knows how costly hockey or any sport can get. (http://bentcorner.com/2008/09/so-what-exactly-is-a-hockey-mom/

What we need is a more substantive debate that would talk about those who are basically poor. Has the middle class taken the place of the poor in the minds of the wealthy? When Sarah Palin talks about being a “hockey mom”, she’s not talking about your average mom trying to make ends meet. Ms. Palin has a six-figure income & she identifies with being a hockey mom. Being a hockey mom is reserved for those who make enough to afford it. I’m not sure who in this campaign has talked about those who are low-income & facing even greater poverty. Who is really going to address the poor on a more frequent basis? Apparently, the middle class is all that counts when you’re trying to appeal to voters. Watch the video because a teacher talks about poverty for once in this campaign. Too bad the candidates aren’t talking about the really poor Americans. I guess they figure Barack Obama’s got their vote already.

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The 2008 Election Is One Of The Most Fascinating In History!

Did you ever think you’d live to see such a grand sight as we did tonight? With all of the troubles that befall America, this debate was a very important one. We are facing a great depression here & I’m glad Senator McCain showed up. This is truly a time of change in America & the stakes have never been so high! That’s why those who have never been involved in the political process are registering to vote in record numbers. If you have not registered to vote, make sure you do it now! Time is running out!!

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Noone Has Ever Been President For 28 Years!

Robert Mugabe has been President of Zimbabwe for 28 years! Their economic woes are far worse than ours. We’ve all been outraged by the bailout. Well, the inflation there is the worst that the world has ever seen. There is no real democracy there either.
Thank God that we have a real presidential race with two candidates to choose from. After November 4, we will have gotten rid of our bad president. If we lived in Zimbabwe, it might be like the war in Iraq. No end in sight! American presidents only get two terms to fuck up! What a relief that George Bush is on his way out! And if my prayers are answered, we will get the change we need! Not the confused reformed maverick! Do you catch my drift? Leave me a comment if you do or even if you don’t.

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