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Rush Limbaugh Claims That Gov. Sanford Went To Argentina Because Of President Obama’s Stimulus Package!

Rush Limbaugh is so not credible that even the most ignorant of his listeners should be able to discern that! His blind hatred & obsession with evoking Obama’s name whenever possible has driven him to link our president to everything except 9/11.

According to Rush Limbaugh,the disgraced South Carolina governor who ran off to Argentina really left because of Obama’s stimulus package.Never mind the fact that Gov. Sanford was in Argentina enjoying his lover’s “tan linesbefore Obama was the president.

Instead of running from stimulus,it appears to me that Gov. Sanford was actually running towards stimulus with his Argentinian lover,Maria! And,apparently,he has used state funds to get there in the past.

People were outraged when he didn’t want to accept Obama’s stimulus package because South Carolina is such a poor state.He held steadfast to his position as a fiscal conservative.

And ,now we learn that Gov. Sanford has used taxpayer money to help fund an illicit affair!What a disgusting hypocrite & liar!

Here’s more from wistv:

“A movement has begun to open an investigation into Governor Mark Sanford’s trips to Argentina, during which he carried on an extramarital affair with a Buenos Aires woman.

Republican state Senator Jake Knotts says he met with SLED Director Reggie Lloyd Friday morning, and asked the agency to investigate any misappropriation of tax dollars, malfeasance in office, misconduct in office and whether anyone knowingly lied about the governor’s activities.

For seven years he has nothing but been a protector of the taxpayers’ money, and now come to find out it’s being misused,” said Knotts.

But it’s ‘okay’ if you misuse it and you are allowed to pay it back. There is no forgiveness for misuse or taking taxpayer money.”

But a SLED spokesman said Friday that given the information known, they do not believe a criminal investigation will be launched.Emails given to The State newspaper appear to indicate Sanford began an affair with the woman, whom Argentine media identifies as 41-year-old María Belén Chapur, during a taxpayer-funded trip with the Commerce Department in July 2008.

Sanford said this week he will repay the cost of the trip.Knotts says as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he will have the committee investigate with full subpoena power into the matter.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

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