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Chrysler Workers Caught Smoking Pot While On The Clock!

You would think that after taxpayers bailed out Chrysler, all of their employees would feel compelled to produce the best cars that money could buy. I mean,the general consensus about American-made cars is that they are the worst cars on the market. A lot of people drive foreign cars for that reason.This incident sure won’t sway people to purchase American cars. It’ll probably steer them even further away from the cars that are manufactured in America.

When the video showing Chrysler workers drinking & smoking pot while on the clock hit the airwaves,I was disgusted.In a time when most people dream of getting a decent job,these guys are putting theirs on the line.Now, these guys will end up talking about the unemployment line instead of the assembly line.We don’t need inebriated GM workers assembling our cars. So good riddance!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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