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The Obama’s Will Be Residing In The White House!

What A Beautiful Family!

What A Beautiful Family!

Finally, a first lady that all women can be inspired by. A tall statuesuqe beauty with a superior brain would be the best way for me to describe Michelle Obama. And if you’ve read my previous posts you know what adjectives I’ve used to describe our new president, Barack Obama! The Obama’s perfect match will draw the envy of the hordes of folks who are married but wish that they were not. The love between them is so strong & visible. It doesn’t seem like they doubt their choice of mate. Natasha & Malia Obama are two of the most adorable little girls that I have ever seen. This is a beautiful loving family who honestly love each other. Because it is a black family, they have been compared to “The Cosbys“. Remember that this is no fictional family,though. The Obamas represent a great American family who will project the right image to the world. I don’t think they’ll be any lewd scandals with White House interns or anything. And that’s because the Obama’s will be residing there. You don’t have to wonder if their relationship is sustained for political reasons,like the Clintons. I believe that this president won’t be caught with his pants down. This is a respectable family that will make all of America proud instead of embarrassing us with their sexual proclivities or ignorance. Thank God for that!


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Arranged Marriage Is Not The Cultural Norm

Preceding this entry is a link to an article that really gets in-depth on this subject. There are some arranged marriages here in America. But it is not common. Personally, I do not think there is anything wrong with it. When someone is forced into a marriage it is wrong. Many courtships past & present were arranged for financial reasons.

For instance, I know a lady who got hitched to help a Spainard gain U.S. citizenship. That type of arranged marriage is common in the U.S. She knew what she was getting into & she increased her assets in the process. Another chick I was acquainted with actually wound up paying the guy she married. He was from Saudi Arabia & he worked at a liquor store. For some reason, she thought he really loved her when he proposed. But she knew that his citizenship was not permanent. In his mind, he made an arrangement to marry a girl until he was legal. To her, it was real love. Imagine her dismay & suprise when he dumped her. You see, his family had arranged for him to marry someone from Saudi Arabia. Although he could have bucked tradition he did not. It just so happened that his intended was hot!

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