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Hillary Clinton Because She’s No Shrinking Violet!

She's No Shrinking Violet!

She's No Shrinking Violet!

Hillary Rodham Clinton is an arduous female politician who has spellbinding qualities that attract countless women. She is a role model & a feminist’s dream because she has come closer to the presidency than any woman in history. Even Sarah Palin had to marvel at the 18 million votes that were cast for Hillary Clinton! This was a woman who seemed equal to men & inspired females to seek equality in their own lives. But, there was a time when Hillary Clinton was pitied & despised by many women because of the choices she made. Many were puzzled as to why she stayed with Bill Clinton after the Monica Lewinsky scandal!

I mean, she’s no shrinking violet. But if you want to be a future president, you might not want to do anything to hurt your chances. Hillary Clinton may have also had her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, in mind.  Most likely, her decision to stay with him was a shrewd political move. A lot of females thought that she was just a weak woman back then. They just could not understand what motivated her to stand by her man.

Since then, Hillary Clinton has emerged as a pillar of strength. Her nickname is “Iron Lady” which is really quite fitting. So, when Sarah Palin said that Hillary Clinton should stop her “persistent whine” about sexism & unfair media coverage, I thought she’d be tougher than Hillary. As it turns out, Sarah Palin hasn’t subjected herself to any real scrutiny. And judging from the interviews she has given, it might be best to keep her cloistered until Nov.4!

Sarah Palin blames the “media filter” for her appalling performances. It’s sexism when anything negative gets attention. She is making the same complaints that she accused Hillary Clinton of making. How hypocritical because I’ve heard plenty of whining about the unfairness shown towards Sarah Palin. She had a quick change of heart once she saw herself getting dissected by the media. I think Sarah Palin should have stayed true to the words she spoke in this video instead of bleating.

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Barack Obama Represents Both Sides In The Race Issue!

He's Black & White, ALRIGHT PEOPLE!

Black & White Man

How is it that race is such a huge factor in this election? A whole lot of folks are up in arms about Barack Obama’s race. I don’t want to vote for a black man to be the president of the United States! These are the impassioned cries of some American voters. But, why all the fervor over this race issue? After all, whose to say that Barack Obama is even black? He is a composite of two different ethnic groups. He embodies the diversity of our great nation. In a country that has a history of hatred between blacks & whites, I think it’s pretty moving that Barack Obama is a combination of both warring races. He is of the same ancestry as both the slave & the master. In fact, his white ancestors owned slaves in America. Here’s an excerpt from http://www.thebaltimoresun.com.

While a relative owned slaves, another fought for the Union in the Civil War,” campaign spokesman Bill Burton said last night. “And it is a true measure of progress that the descendant of a slave owner would come to marry a student from Kenya and produce a son who would grow up to be a candidate for president of the United States.” Read the rest of the article by following the link(http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/nationworld/politics/bal-te.obama02mar02,0,3453027.story).
I found this really interesting documentary online about race identity on youtube.com. It is about creoles who feel that they are, “Too White To Be Black, Too Black To Be White“. As the title states, it is an in-depth look into how this multicultural group fits into a black & white world. It is very informative & it grapples with the all the issues of race. A clip of it is shown in this video.
One article I read about ethnicity was really astonishing! It is frome http://www.mixedheritagecenter.org. This website has a claim that has been disputed by some. That is that Barack Obama may not be the first black president of the United States of America! Link here for more info on that :(http://www.mixedheritagecenter.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1471&Itemid=29
It wouldn’t suprise me one little bit if there were presidents who didn’t divulge their black ancestry. And if that’s true, maybe that’ll take the steam out of the race debate once & for all.

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Noone Has Ever Been President For 28 Years!

Robert Mugabe has been President of Zimbabwe for 28 years! Their economic woes are far worse than ours. We’ve all been outraged by the bailout. Well, the inflation there is the worst that the world has ever seen. There is no real democracy there either.
Thank God that we have a real presidential race with two candidates to choose from. After November 4, we will have gotten rid of our bad president. If we lived in Zimbabwe, it might be like the war in Iraq. No end in sight! American presidents only get two terms to fuck up! What a relief that George Bush is on his way out! And if my prayers are answered, we will get the change we need! Not the confused reformed maverick! Do you catch my drift? Leave me a comment if you do or even if you don’t.

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Our Conspiracy Theories Are Pretty Believable

Yeah, some of the theories out there are pretty preposterous. I’ve seen some hilarious videos on the internet that propose to have the evidence. The alien, ghosts, angels, & bigfoot videos really bring out the skeptic in me. But they are fun to look at. Secretly, I want to see something mystifying like a flying humaniod but I have not. The UFO videos are hard to discount although I know most of them are hoaxes.
The New World Order is a scary prospect that I hope is just a conspiracy theory. These chips make science fiction movies like ” Gattaca” look documentaries. In that movie, the genetic code could be manipulated to produce perfect human beings. Check out this video! There are portions of it ( the implantable chips) that freak me out! The 9/11 & terrorism aspect of this theory is bogus, though!

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