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I’m Praying For Brett Michaels To Completely Recover!

Brett Michaels is the lead singer of the 80’s rock band Poison. Apparently,he had a brain hemorrhage & is in critical condition.Let’s hope the rocker of love with the vibrant blue eyes doesn’t stop rocking anytime soon.I am praying for his complete recovery.He seems like a great guy to me!

But,Jeff Koyen doesn’t think so.As I was surfing the internet,I came across his horrid post about Brett Michaels. In it, Jeff Koyen calls Michaels the “King of the Garbage People.” I guess that’s his way of calling Brett Michaels the leader of white trash. How classy of Jeff Koyen,right? Then,he says that he hopes this man dies for that reason. To him,Brett Michaels is a blight on society so he should just die.That sounds like a eugenicist to me.

Here’s an excerpt from this unbelievable post:

There’s a never-ending stream of sadsack morons eager to demean themselves in public for no good reason. But for my money, the skank-loving skeeve Bret Michaels is the King of the Garbage people. At the risk of sounding grandiose, he represents everything that’s wrong with this culture. And not just for his own actions — or even for those of his costar contestants. I’m disgusted that otherwise intelligent people willingly fuel his success by watching his programs. When we laugh and gawk at ill-mannered, idiotic fuckbags, we’re presuming that we’re better than them. Which may be true, of course, but superiority is not the healthiest of postures. I’d rather watch an Ow My Balls marathon than anything starring Bret Michaels. At least that’s good, clean fun.

So, yeah, I hope he dies in that hospital. I hope the darkness is settling around his soul with threats of eternal damnation. Before anyone warns me that I’ll “get what I deserve” for being such an asshole: Not only do I have enough good deeds stored up to counteract this bit of evil, I’ve also taken on my own share of bad things in this life. If there’s a god (and there isn’t), I’d wager that we’re even.

And anyway, I’m not doing anything wrong. It’s hardly evil to wish pain upon a despicable piece of garbage who has brought nothing but unattractive vulgarity to a world that’s already on the wrong side of a steep decline.”(End of Excerpt) Read the whole thing here.

Now,let me venture out & say that elitist attitudes like his are a “unattractive vulgarity to a world that’s already on the wrong side of a steep decline.” Who is Jeff Koyen,anyway? For all we know,he’s “a despicable piece of garbage.“Because he sure wrote a trashy post about a man that I’m sure he doesn’t even know. Some folks should think before they publish.

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