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Saturday Night Live Has The Best Political Send-Ups



Supporters of McCain Express Their Views
Supporters of McCain Express Their Views

I have to devote a whole post to Tina Fey as Sarah Palin in the future. She has really helped lighten the mood for those who are feeling depressed by the falling economy. Her impersonations are so dead-on & funny that even the most ardent Palin lover has to chuckle. This video I posted is a spoof of the most boring uninformative debate thus far. It was far more interesting to watch this skit. The guy playing Tom Brokaw has perfected the deep guttural tone of his voice. Barack Obama’s tendency to give highly wrought answers instead of austere ripostes was illustrated in this piece. John McCain’s assertion that he is a nonconformist was parodied quite well. It was comical in the real debate when John McCain meandered right in front of the camera when Tom Brokaw was giving his closing remarks. That was a very peculiar moment for John McCain & one of the most memorable occurrences in the whole humdrum discussion. I hope we actually gain some knowledge of what these two candidates will actually do if they become the president.

They have both been talking in vague generalites. Barack Obama has been slightly more specific on the economy then John McCain. Gentlemen, the country is starved for more details on just how you propose to help the core of the economy. That would be the middle class, sirs. How will you bail us all out of this chaos? Many of us have been in a tight spot well before this latest bailout that we, as taxpayers, are now paying for. Give us more facets on the rescue plan for the middle class & the poor! I’m assuming that one of you has a strategy. Let’s hear it in the next debate. No more stump speeches!

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Global Warming Will Affect Poor Countries More Than Rich Ones


http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=21448&Cr=climate&Cr1 If the economy keeps plummetting, we won’t be classified as rich too much longer. For now, everybody is scraping up the $4 bucks for gas & etching out their existence. People who reside in poorer countries aren’t worried about gas. They’re worried about food & other basic needs. But they also need to be concerned about global warming. Follow the link for the full story.

Basically, the United Nations Secretary-General warns that poor countries will suffer more because of global warming. We all have not come to an agreement, here in America ,on whether global warming is real or not. Apparently, the majority of the world has come to the conclusion that it is an impending threat.  Global warming is caused by human activity which has affected the environment.  Poor countries that may not have contributed to global warming at all will suffer greater consequences. Since America’s still a rich country, we’ll suffer less from global warming. It all depends on an economic turnaround.

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