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CNN:They Got Their Hands On The Footage Of Michael Jackson’s Last Rehearsal Before The Rest Of ‘Em!

Fox News & MSNBC were not the first ones to get their hands on the footage of Michael Jackson’s last rehearsal.CNN is the cable news network that first aired the tape of a healthy-looking Michael Jackson practicing for his “This Is It” tour two days before he suddenly died.

Good job,CNN!

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Noone Has Ever Been President For 28 Years!

Robert Mugabe has been President of Zimbabwe for 28 years! Their economic woes are far worse than ours. We’ve all been outraged by the bailout. Well, the inflation there is the worst that the world has ever seen. There is no real democracy there either.
Thank God that we have a real presidential race with two candidates to choose from. After November 4, we will have gotten rid of our bad president. If we lived in Zimbabwe, it might be like the war in Iraq. No end in sight! American presidents only get two terms to fuck up! What a relief that George Bush is on his way out! And if my prayers are answered, we will get the change we need! Not the confused reformed maverick! Do you catch my drift? Leave me a comment if you do or even if you don’t.

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