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Australia Wondered If The Wildfires Were Caused By Climate Change! It Now Appears To Be A Case Of Arson!

Earlier, Reuters reported that scientists believed that climate change may have been a contributing factor in the Australian Wildfire disaster! Now, it appears that these infernos were deliberately set. Although climate change is affecting Australia, this bushfire seems to be the evil handiwork of one or more arsonists.People are getting burned alive because it’s spreading so rapidly that it’s hard to escape.Here’s the updated story from the Telegraph:

Suspicions that the worst wildfires ever to strike Australia were deliberately set led police to declare crime scenes Monday in towns incinerated by blazes, while investigators moving into the charred landscape discovered more bodies.

As the smoke cleared over parts of Victoria and police and fire crews began the painstaking task of picking over the rubble and ash in search for more bodies, more than half of the state was been declared a crime scene.

Police believe several of the more than 400 blazes that devastated town and farmland, killed at least 130 people and destroyed 750 homes on Black Saturday were deliberately lit.

Forensic teams of investigators are now moving into burned out houses and farms, looking for evidence of how the infernos were started, and who could have lit them.

Authorities have warned that the toll from the fires that swept through the state “like a steam train” could still rise, as many people remained unaccounted for.

Relatives of the missing have been warned it could be days before the bodies are identified because the remains are so badly burned it is “like they have been cremated“.

Prime minister Kevin Rudd, who has suspended parliament and is touring the affected region, said whoever was responsible for lighting or relighting the fires had committed “mass murder“.

A clearly-shaken Mr Rudd struggled to express his horror at the actions of the arsonists.

“What can you say? What can you say? There are no word to describe it other than mass murder,” he said.

“It is a level of horror few of us had anticipated.” Keiran Walshe, Victoria’s deputy police commissioner, said finding who was to blame for the fires would be difficult, but not impossible.

“There’s always something that will tell us where the ignition point was and what was used to ignite it. Then we can start to piece together who could have done it.” Police have warned that offenders implicated in the fires could be charged with arson causing death, a crime that carries a 25 year prison sentence.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

Here’s the earlier report from Reuters that talked about climate change as a factor in the wildfires:

Australia’s deadliest wildfires increased pressure on the national government to take firm action on climate change on Monday as scientists said global warming likely contributed to conditions that fuelled the disaster.

At least 130 people were killed in wildfires, set off by a record heatwave in southern Victoria state over the past week days, while large areas of Queensland state remain flooded by tropical downpours.

Scientists said Australia needed to prepare for more extreme weather events due to global warming, while the Greens and environmentalists said the fires and floods proved the government needed to toughen its targets to curb Greenhouse emissions.

“It’s very clear, both globally and in Australia, there has been a warming trend since about 1950,” leading Australian climate scientist Kevin Hennessy told Reuters.

In a nutshell we can say the heatwaves and the fires we’ve seen in Victoria recently maybe partly due to climate change through the contribution of increased temperature.

“Going forward, we anticipate there will be continued increases in greenhouse gases and that locks in a certain amount of warming, and in the case of southern Australia further drying, and this will increase the fire weather risk.”

Australia is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change because of its hot, dry climate, with the nation’s south in prolonged drought and temperatures tipped to rise by 3 degrees Celsius by 2050 across the tropical north and desert interiors.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has set a target to cut overall greenhouse gas emissions by 5 percent by 2020, and will only cut further, to about 15 percent, if there is widespread international agreement on tougher action.

But Green groups want Australia, which creates about 1.5 percent of global emissions, to cut emissions by at least 25 percent by 2020 as an example to the developing world, particularly India and China, about the need to take firm action.

Greens climate spokeswoman Christine Milne said all Australians had been deeply touched by the fire tragedy and the increased risk of fires from global warming.”(End of Excerpt)Read the rest here.

In this 2007 video, Philip Adams (presenter of Late Night Live on Australia’s ABC Radio National), talks about the problems that climate change presents to the world & how Australia is contributing to global warming.

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I Hope That Obama Will Allow Freedom Of Press To Be An Actual Fact Again!

No More Fear Since Bush Is Gone!

No More Fear Since Bush Is Gone!

Did you know that there is more freedom of press in Finland & the Czech Republic than it is in the United States? Our first amendment rights have slowly been slipping away in this country under George Bush. There have been other presidents who have tried to manipulate the news, for sure. During the time George Bush has been in office, he has controlled how he would interact with the media. What he has done is largely ignore the media & treat them as if they were a nuisance.According to The Punch:

“The US (53rd, 13.00) has slipped nine places since last year, after occupying 17th position in the maiden ranking carried out in 2002. The assessor attributed the dwindling fortune of the press freedom in the US to the frosty relationship between the media and President George Bush after the latter acted under the pretext of “national security” to regard as suspicious any journalist who questioned his “war on terrorism.”

This was further compounded by the refusal of US federal courts, unlike those in 33 states, to recognise the media’s right not to reveal its sources, even threatens journalists whose investigations have no connection at all with terrorism.

For instance, Reporters Without Borders observed that a freelance journalist and blogger, Josh Wolf, was imprisoned when he refused to hand over his video archives. Sudanese cameraman, Sami al- Haj, who works for the pan-Arab broadcaster, Al-Jazeera, has been detained without trial at the US military base in Guantanamo, Cuba, since 2002, and Associated Press photographer, Bilal Hussein, has been held by US authorities in Iraq since April 2008.”(End of Excerpt) Read the whole article here:http://www.punchng.com/Articl.aspx?theartic=Art20081120231498

Not surprisingly, China was one of the 10 worst violators of freedom of press.They just made it legal for their reporters to cover natural disasters truthfully in 2005,after all.Talk about draconian laws, China’s got them. But, according to Reuters:

The Chinese government has started to loosen its control on the negative information,” an academic source close to propaganda authorities told Reuters.

They are trying to control the news by publicizing the news,” said the source, who declined to be named.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here:http://www.reuters.com/article/worldNews/idUSTRE4AJ1VF20081120

My hope is that Obama will restore the freedom of press in this country. It is on a steady decline,most noticeably under the reign of George Bush. Instead of reporting what’s really going on around the world, we get news organizations that all show the same information almost in perfect synchronicity. I’m not kidding,either. I tend to channel surf & I switch from CNN to MSNBC to FOX. More often than not,they are all covering the same stories as if there isn’t much going on in the world. You can tell that the news is controlled in the United States. This video that I included from Democracy Now really breaks it down.

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In Comparison To Other Countries, We’re Still Rich!

The U.S. dollar bill is declining in value in the world . Food & gas seem unobtainable to most. I had to quit my job when I got relocated. That would have added an extra 30 miles a day to my commute! In these times, that’s an absolute no-no. We are facing another great depression in America. Even so, we are still one of the wealthiest countries in the world. This video shows how the food crisis affects different parts of the world. By compiling news bits from various countries, they show you the different reactions to it. The news report from the United States had no sense of urgency or panic to it. In other countries, they were dealing with riots, starvation, & death. Here we’re trying to compromise on a trillion dollar bailout to save our ass! In comparison to other countries, we’re not doing so bad.

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