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The World’s Biggest Sex Symbol Was Born & Bred Here

 World's Greatest Sex Symbol

¬†Marilyn Monroe was one of the world’s sexiest women of all time! She oozed sex appeal & encouraged sexual freedom in women. She is a different kind of feminist but she is one. This woman was intelligent because she gained her fame from exploiting a stereotype. She was the stereotypical dumb blonde. In her life, she was a determined young woman who had a enviable drive. Most people are not as fearless as she was. They are scared to take a chance in life. If she would have just stayed Norma Jean, America may not have the women they have come to love today. Women like Pamela Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith, Paris Hilton, etc… They all were inspired by this great American movie star. We love ya, Marilyn!!!¬† We will always remember you.

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