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The Blue Light Phenomenon Is In Norway!

Strange spiral: Residents in northern Norway were left stunned after the lightshow, which almost looked computer-generated, appeared in the skies above them

The bizarre spiral looks almost computer-generated in the dark skies over Norway yesterday

There is a mysterious blue light that lit up the skies of Norway.Is it a UFO? Maybe it’s a precursor to the type of phenomenon that some theorize will hit the Earth somewhere around Dec 21, 2012.

Whether it’s a wormhole that leads to another dimension or a failed Russian missile,that is some freaky stuff to see.I’m glad that Norwegians witnessed that & not Americans.Because the video was eerie enough for me.

Here’s more from The Daily Mail UK:

What’s blue and white, squiggly and suddenly appears in the sky?

If you know the answer, pop it on a postcard and send it to the people of Norway, where this mysterious light display baffled residents yesterday.

Speculation was increasing today that the display was the result of an embarrassing failed test launch of a jinxed new Russian missile.

The Bulava missile was test-fired from the Dmitry Donskoi submarine in the White Sea early on Wednesday but failed at the third stage, say newspapers in Moscow today.

This emerged despite earlier reports denying a missile launch yesterday. Even early today there was no formal confirmation from the Russian Defence Ministry.

The light appears to be unconnected with the aurora borealis, or northern lights, the natural magnetic phenomena that can often be viewed in that part of the world.

The mystery began when a blue light seemed to soar up from behind a mountain in the north of the country. It stopped mid-air, then began to move in circles. Within seconds a giant spiral had covered the entire sky.

Then a green-blue beam of light shot out from its centre – lasting for ten to 12 minutes before disappearing completely.

Onlookers describing it as ‘like a big fireball that went around, with a great light around it’ and ‘a shooting star that spun around and around’.

Yesterday a Norwegian defence spokesman said the display was most likely from a failed Russian test launch.”

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A Tennessee Boy Cries Blood & Some Think That He’s Possessed!

"Sometimes, I can feel it coming up, like a tear. I feel my eyes watering," Calvino Inman says. "Sometimes, it will burn as it comes out."

A 15 yr. old boy has a mysterious condition that has doctors baffled.Calvino Inman cries blood at least three times a day.His mother desperately wants to know why.

Unfortunately,there are some who think they have the answer to what is causing this strange daily occurrence.They think that Calvino is possessed.

Here’s more on this stranger than fiction tale from The Post Chronicle:

“A Tennessee boy has been called possessed and doctors have called his condition a mystery. His name is Calvino Inman and his tears are blood.Many have never heard of Calvino Inman’s bleeding eyes.

The boy, just 15 years old, has baffled doctors with a condition that causes his eyes to bleed at least three times a day.

“Sometimes, I can feel it coming up, like a tear. I feel my eyes watering, sometimes, it will burn as it comes out,” Inman explained, adding that the bleeding can last from just a few short minutes to an hour.

“I’ve been called possessed by almost all of my friends. I guess I’m used to it now. At first, it kind of hurt my feelings.”

According to, The first time Calvino Inman experienced the bleeding, his mother, Tammy Mynatt, called paramedics immediately:

“The scariest thing in my life is when he looked at me and said ‘Mom, am I going to die?’ That right there broke my heart.”

As for the cause, doctors say they’ve never seen anything like it. “They done an MRI, they done a CAT scan, they done it with and without an IV, they’ve done ultra sounds,” Mynatt explained.” Read more here.

If I were Calvino Inman,those tears of blood would have me freaking the hell out!He seems to be handling things quite well,though.Hopefully,the doctors will find out how to stop those bloody tears.

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The Conference For Climate Change Deniers Called:”Global Warming: Was It Ever Really a Crisis?”

Remember when folks were debating whether the economy was in a recession or not? It seems like people just like to hear themselves argue.Because I think that it’s obvious that the climate is changing in radical ways. We need to look for solutions.So,I’m wondering what exactly is the point of a conference on the validity of climate change.I think that point is mute! But apparently,global warming is something people want to fight about instead of working together to solve it.Kind of sounds like what we’re doing over the economy right now,doesn’t it? Here’s more on the climate change denial conference from The Guardian:

“It is billed as the largest ever gathering of climate change deniers, a convention that kicked off last night with a title suggesting global warming is a thing of the past, and a guest list that includes a hurricane forecaster, a retired astronaut and a sitting European president.

Entitled Global Warming: Was It Ever Really a Crisis? and featuring some of the most prominent naysayers in the climate change debate, this week’s conference in New York sets out to escalate its confrontation with the scientific establishment, the vast majority of whose members subscribe to the view that humans are the principal cause of climate change.

Conference organisers were celebrating something of a coup in securing as a keynote speaker the Czech president, Václav Klaus, at a time when his country holds the rotating presidency of the EU. Klaus, a Eurosceptic, believes that efforts to protect the world from the impact of climate change are an assault on freedom.

In his remarks last night, Klaus accused European governments of being “alarmist” on the subject of climate change and in thrall to radical environmentalists.”They probably do not want to reveal their true plans and ambitions to stop economic development and return mankind several centuries back,” he said.

He received a standing ovation. But Klaus admitted that his position was a lonely one.”It is evident that the climate change debate has not made any detectable progress,” he said. “It reminds me of the frustration people like me felt in the communist era.”

This week’s gathering by the Heartland Institute, a Chicago thinktank that shares the Czech president’s free-market views, brings together some of the more vocal critics of the scientific consensus, which maintains that rising temperatures are now so dangerous to people’s existence as to warrant urgent action.

Among more than 70 participants listed by the Heartland Institute is Jack Schmitt, a former astronaut, who now teaches engineering physics. William Gray, who is regarded as a leading hurricane forecaster, is also listed, along with Fred Singer, the atmospheric physicist who argues that a melting Arctic would have some positive effects, including the formation of the long-sought north-west passage.

There is also a strong contingent of free marketeers and conservative commentators, including Christopher Booker and Christopher Monckton, both British.Environmentalists argue that climate change denial, although the view of a minority, has damaged efforts to introduce policies to address the changes.Kert Davies, research director for Greenpeace, says the climate change deniers have been adept at adapting their views as the public grows more conscious of the dangers of global warming.

The deniers also have resources. The Centre for Public Integrity said in a report last month that the lobby opposing climate change action gave work to 2,430 Washington lobbyists in 2008. The report estimated that about 15% of Washington’s lobbyists were now working to try to stop Congress from passing a law putting a cap on carbon.

“They are on the fringes – when you look at where the public is on this issue, where governments are on this issue, and where scientific organisations are on this issue,” said Kevin Grandia, the manager of DeSmogBlog, which seeks to counter misinformation on global warming. “The problem is when you take that fringe and add in the public relations ability to amplify that message. They have ingrained their message so well … it can easily be used as a tool to oppose legislation.”

Opinion polls show that about 58% of Americans believe human activity is causing climate change. However, many do not see a need for urgent action. A poll by the Pew Research Centre this year showed that climate change ranked last among topics of public concern to Americans.The Heartland Institute was funded by Exxon Mobil until 2006. It disavows such links for this conference, but lists 55 sponsors, some of which do receive funding from Exxon and rightwing thinktanks.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

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I Know Michael Moore Is Happy That Dr. Sanjay Gupta Won’t Be America’s Next Surgeon General!

Dr. Sanjay Gupta has turned down the offer to become the next Surgeon General. Although I thought he would have been great,there are some folks who are far from being impressed by Dr. Gupta. Michael Moore made his qualms with Dr. Gupta known on Larry King,which I discussed in a previous post. But,he wasn’t the only one who had some misgivings about Dr. Gupta. Here’s more from Respectful Insolence:

“As I was sitting in the O.R. lounge yesterday afternoon between cases, the television in the lounge was tuned to CNN. One thing I noted was some rather fawning coverage of President Bush regarding the military that seemed as though it belonged on FOX News rather than CNN. Not long after that, Wolf Blitzer breathlessly reported that CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, had apparently been approached by the Obama Transition Team about becoming the new Surgeon General. I thought to myself, “Hmmm. That’s interesting.” And then I went back to the O.R. to finish up my schedule.

Later on, I just so happened to check my stats, and I noticed a Pharyngulanche. Apparently, P.Z. Myers was incredibly unimpressed by this pick because he seems to view Dr. Gupta as some sort of tool of the capitalist health care system. Oddly enough, he wondered what my opinion was referring to me as “that ol’ conservative.” Of course, these days I’m about as centrist as they come, perhaps slightly right of center, but compared to the predominate groupthink of the ScienceBlogs collective I might as well be a member of the John Birch Society compared to the flaming liberals that surround me. Or at least, so it seems. However, PZ is a the Big Kahuna among ScienceBloggers, and he was nice enough to boost my traffic for a day. So it would be churlish not to weigh in. Besides, everyone else and his grandmother around here appears to be doing the same, and, far be it from me as–gulp–a grand old man of the medical blogosphere (hey, four years is a really long time in terms of blog time)–to deny him or the rest of my readers my stunning insights, for which, no doubt, all wait anxiously with bated breath. (How’s that for a surgical ego?)

Suffice it to say that I, too, am unimpressed, but not for the same reason that PZ is. Indeed, it has little or nothing to do with politics. In this, I’m afraid I’ll be having a rare disagreement with blog buds PalMD, who thinks the appointment is pretty cool, and Abel Pharmboy, who admires Dr. Gupta’s communication skills. It’s pretty unusual for me to disagree with them, but, hey, it sometimes happens.

My reasons for not being too thrilled with Dr. Gupta as the new Surgeon General come down to two areas. First, like Val Jones, I think he lacks gravitas. He’s too young and has no experience as the administrator of a large organization, which is important. Although the Surgeon General is an important position, it is not a policy-making position but rather primarily an administrative position. Dr. Gupta’s academic rank is only Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, and his other position, Associate Chief of the Neurosurgery Service at Grady Memorial Hospital, isn’t sufficient administrative experience to prepare him to administer the Public Health Service. In brief, the Surgeon General is the chief medical officer for the 6,000 strong Commissioned Corps of the US Public Health Service. It is also an advisory position, being the primary medical science advisor to the Assistant Secretary for Health, who in turn is the principal advisor to the Secretary of Health and Human Services on public health and scientific issues. Depending on what the President wants, the Surgeon General can be simply an administrator with little public role, but an unofficial role of the Surgeon General is to be “America’s chief doctor.”

It is that second role of the Surgeon General that makes me somewhat less than thrilled with the apparent selection of Dr. Gupta. A Surgeon General’s influence with the public and with policy makers derives primarily from his gravitas and his persuasiveness. If the Surgeon General is perceived as a lightweight, legislators and the U.S. public will pay him little mind. One reason that Dr. C. Everett Koop was so influential was because his long history as a pediatric surgeon and his manner led him to be respected throughout the medical community and by policy makers and the movers and shakers in HHS. I just can’t see Dr. Gupta commanding that sort of respect, given his history as a talking head.

However, what concerns me most about Dr. Gupta is his relationship with science-based medicine. Being a medical correspondent is a tough job to have and still stay true to science- and evidence-based medicine. The temptation to “sex a story up” or to do credulous puff pieces about the latest “alternative” medicine in order to drive ratings is strong, and it takes a strong commitment to be able to resist them. In this, Dr. Gupta has made some high profile stumbles. Chris Mooney points out how poorly he performed in the Clonaid fiasco. In actuality, this is something about Dr. Gupta that I had not heard about. I do remember the Raelians and their claim, presented without any evidence, that they had cloned a human being. But I either did not see or hear about Dr. Gupta’s credulous report on the Raelians. It was truly a low point for medical journalism in the last decade, and he was at the center of it. As Mooney points out, he may not have been a willing participant. He may have been inexperienced then. He may not have been confident enough in his position to say no. However, his involvement with that story does not give me confidence in his judgment.

What concerns me even more that that is that, when it comes to one of the most important threats to public health of our time, the antivaccine movement, specifically the movement that claims that vaccines cause autism, Dr. Gupta has shown a maddening tendency to straddle the fence and play both sides in his reporting. His coverage of the Hannah Poling case, in particular, was distressingly credulous, so much so that the crank blog Age of Autism approved of it heartily. Meanwhile, on his own blog, Dr. Gupta was disturbingly sympathetic to the antivaccine viewpoint:

I want to continue the discussion today. Couple of points. First of all, it seems as if parents bring up concerns about vaccines, they are automatically portrayed as anti-vaccine. Why is that? Is it possible to completely believe in the power and benefits of vaccines, but still have legitimate and credible concerns?”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

And here’s more on why Dr. Sanjay Gupta turned down the job from ABC News:

Sanjay Gupta says he is no longer in the running to be the nation’s next surgeon general, CNN reported today, as President Obama brought health care to center stage.

CNN cited his desire to continue working instead as a neurosurgeon and CNN medical analyst. His wife is pregnant with their third child.

It has been two months since ABC News first learned that Obama was paging CNN journalist Dr. Sanjay Gupta to become the nation’s next surgeon general.

Since early January, several people have speculated about what was taking the celebrity doctor so long to answer the call.

And despite some concerns about Gupta’s qualifications, some said the reason the surgeon general selection had not been formally announced since Gupta’s name leaked on Jan. 6 may not have had anything to do with Gupta himself.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

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Pinky:The Rare Albino Dolphin That Has Been Spotted In Louisiana’s Lake Calcasieu!

Pink the albino dolphin: Pink dolphin appears in US lake

This dolphin looks so vividly pink that it’s almost hard to believe that it isn’t a Disney Pixar creation! Only in America will you find the beautiful pink Bottlenose dolphin.What a magical looking creature! Here’s more on this rare albino dolphin from the Telegraph:

“The world’s only pink Bottlenose dolphin which was discovered in an inland lake in Louisiana, USA, has become such an attraction that conservationists have warned tourists to leave it alone.

Charter boat captain Erik Rue, 42, photographed the animal, which is actually an albino, when he began studying it after the mammal first surfaced in Lake Calcasieu, an inland saltwater estuary, north of the Gulf of Mexico in southwestern USA.

Capt Rue originally saw the dolphin, which also has reddish eyes, swimming with a pod of four other dolphins, with one appearing to be its mother which never left its side.

He said: “I just happened to see a little pod of dolphins, and I noticed one that was a little lighter.

“It was absolutely stunningly pink.

“I had never seen anything like it. It’s the same color throughout the whole body and it looks like it just came out of a paint booth.

“The dolphin appears to be healthy and normal other than its coloration, which is quite beautiful and stunningly pink.

“The mammal is entirely pink from tip to tail and has reddish eyes indicating it’s albinism. The skin appears smooth, glossy pink and without flaws.

“I have personally spotted the pink dolphin 40 to 50 times in the time since the original sighting as it has apparently taken up residence with its family in the Calcasieu ship channel.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.


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