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I’m Thrown Off Course By The Heidi Klum/Seal Divorce!



Hey, kiddies! I just got a new computer for one of my X-mas gifts. Now, I can hopefully start posting more. Since I am still a unpaid writer, I can only do so when I feel inspired. And the way things are going in this stagnant economy, we all could use some inspiration in this nation. Especially those of us who fall into the bottom percentile of that 99%. Every now & then, I need to be reminded about some of the  things that make me like America. Don’t you?

New Americans like Heidi Klum & Seal are a great, inspirational couple that represent the music & fashion industry well. They are a Hollywood couple that seemed to have it all. And now marital strife may produce yet another crumbling marriage. Contrary to Mitt Romney’s beliefs, I honestly admire successful people. As long as they don’t prey on others for their own financial benefit. I root for successful folks like them every single day. Feeling like your dreams & aspirations are tangible is all a part of the American dream. I don’t bemoan anyone’s success.

I guess that’s why I really hope that their differences don’t wind up being irreconcilable. Everyone still loves a good success story. And those two are the embodiment of success & wealth. C’mon, guys! Work it out!

Here’s more from The Daily Mail:

“Their union was believed to be one of the strongest in showbusiness – reinforced by regular public declarations of love and an annual ceremony to renew their wedding vows.

But last night it was reported Heidi Klum’s seven-year marriage to British singer Seal is over – with the model preparing to file for divorce within days.

German-born Heidi, 38, is expected to file papers at Los  Angeles’ County Superior Court this week citing irreconcilable differences between the pair who  married at Seal’s beachfront home in Mexico in 2005.

The reasons behind the sudden split remained unclear but a spokesman for the former Victoria’s Secret model yesterday said a statement was being prepared which would be released imminently.

A spokesman for Seal, 48 – real name Seal Henry Samuel – did not return calls but a cryptic message posted on the singer’s Twitter page on Friday read: ‘The End.’

The message was attached to a picture that appeared to show the star’s forearm bearing an imprint of a set of wings – a possible reference to Miss Klum’s role as a Victoria’s Secret winged ‘Angel’ model.
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Jon & Kate Plus 8 Equals A Whole Lot Of Drama!!!!

“Jon & Kate Plus 8” has seen a serious increase in ratings since news of their marital strife broke.9.8 million viewers tuned in to the reality show.Some folks just love to revel in other people’s misery.And the Gosselins shattered marriage is miserable. Yes,indeed it is.

Jon’s affair has been all over the tabloids.And there is some speculation about Kate & her bodyguard.It’s so like a soap opera that it’s not even funny.Because there are 8 kids involved in this whole dramatic spectacle that has become Jon & Kate’s life.

What sense of normalcy are they trying to give their kids by putting it all out there?They should retire the cameras & work on their marriage for the sake of their children.

Here’s more on the ratings that their problematic union has drawn from The Vancouver Sun:

“Sure, their marriage is in flames. Yep, they’re on the cover of every tabloid magazine. Uh-huh, they may both be cheating on their betrothed, and their kids may well end up resembling eight Danny Bonaduce’s. But holy heck, do Jon and Kate draw the ratings.

The big season opener of Jon and Kate Plus 8 pulled in 9.8 million viewers Monday night, according to Nielsen Media Research, 4 million of which were women in the 18-49 age range. That’s great news for the producers of TLC’s ‘Cake Boss’ which followed Jon and Kate’s hour of marital depression and duly held onto 3.2 million of their viewers.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

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Elizabeth Edwards Should Have Called Both Her Husband & His Mistress “Pathetic”!

You know,I think that it is pretty “pathetic” for Elizabeth Edwards to say that her husband’s mistress “seduced him.” I mean,what is she? A siren or some other irresistable mystical creature that ensnares a man with her magical prowess. John Edwards was probably the one that seduced her.

In my view,both John Edwards & his mistress are pitiful for committing adultery.And Elizabeth Edwards is not showing  much Resilence when she makes excuses for the caddish behavior of her husband.Here’s more from the NY Daily News:

“Campaign cad John Edwards’ cheating ways made his wife, Elizabeth, sick to her stomach – literally. After the former presidential hopeful confessed his betrayal, Elizabeth Edwards writes in her new book, “I cried and screamed, I went to the bathroom and threw up.”

Elizabeth, 59, who is terminally ill with cancer, speaks in far more detail than before about her husband’s infidelity in her new memoir, “Resilience,” due to be published May 12 by Broadway Books. A copy was obtained by the Daily News.

Despite feeling deeply deceived, Elizabeth Edwards nonetheless publicly stood by her husband’s side, lending his candidacy the aura of a warm, loving family life. But she had actually wanted him to quit the race to protect the family.

Edwards admitted the hanky-panky to her days after declaring his candidacy in 2006 – almost a year before the National Enquirer reported it. She was afraid of the destructive questions Edwards’ affair with videographer Rielle Hunter would raise. Later events proved her right.

“He should not have run,” she says.

Edwards did not publicly admit the affair until last August – seven months after he quit the race, and the National Enquirer had reported he was the father of Hunter’s infant daughter. Edwards denied paternity, and his wife’s book doesn’t address that issue.

But it does highlight Elizabeth Edwards’ anger and sorrow at being duped by a man whose four children she’d borne and whose political ambitions she’d passionately supported for so many years.

Hunter initially seduced Edwards using a worn come-on line, Elizabeth writes:

You are so hot,” Hunter told him outside a swank New York hotel. The campaign ultimately paid Hunter $114,000 to produce a batch of short films on his candidacy. She lashes out at Hunter, now 45, whose name she never actually uses in the book, as a parasitic groupie who invaded the Edwardses’ life. Her own life may be tragic, she concludes, but Hunter’s is “pathetic.

Even when Edwards confessed to his wife, he lied, claiming he had slipped up just once, Elizabeth writes. His original version of the story “left most of the truth out,” she writes.”(End of Excerpt) Read more here.

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Sam Ronson Finally Dumped Lindsay Lohan!

I kept reading reports before they split that Lindsay Lohan was spending Sam Ronson’s money like it was going out of style. And her girlfriend was getting tired of getting treated like a trick. Here’s more on that from Fametastic:

“Lindsay Lohan is reportedly annoying girlfriend Samantha Ronson with her constant overspending.

The actress has been plagued by money issue rumours for a number of years after a number of her films were less than successful at the box office and producers grew wary of her partying habits.

But a source told the New York Daily News that despite the lack of money coming in, Lindsay is still “spending like crazy”: “She’s living on credit right now. She has no cash.

The [main] problem is, the money being spent is mostly Sam’s because Lindsay doesn’t really have any of her own at the moment; [Sam]’s really taken on the ‘man’ role in their romance.

“Sam really thinks Lindsay needs to learn how to become a recessionista and manage her money better.”

A second source added: “Lindsay’s money situation has never been great, but it’s only gotten worse over the last month.

“For every dollar she makes, she spends double. Her personal appearance fees are literally the only thing keeping her afloat.

“But here’s the rub: Because of her explosive relationship with Sam, she’s unable to get the type of cash she’s used to. The negative press and constant appearance cancellations are hurting her pocketbook.”(End of Excerpt)Read the rest here.

Lindsay Lohan was also pushing her girl’s buttons by openly flirting with men in her face. Not a good way to get close with your lesbian lover. Especially when some butch chicks experience penis envy. It hurts the woman who takes on the role of a man in a lesbian relationship to feel that she is being rejected for a real one. Here’s more on why Sam Ronson finally dumped Lindsay Lohan from People:

“WAYWARD Lindsay Lohan has been dumped by lesbian lover Sam Ronson after a blistering row, The People can reveal.

Hours later actress Lohan, 22, went into meltdown when DJ Sam, 31, BANNED her ex from a bash at a trendy LA hotel.

A close pal of Lindsay’s revealed:” She decided to try and crash the party and had a huge hissy fit when she wasn’t allowed in.

” Lindsay was shouting, ‘ But” Lindsay was shouting, ‘But you’ve all known me for so long’ to the staff.

” She was furious and caused a right scene.” DJ Sam, 31, binned the bisexual Mean Girls star after tiring of her partying – and her flirting with men.

The fiery couple, who hooked up last summer, regularly had public spats but still talked about marriage.

And only hours before their split, they both insisted the relationship was going strong.

However, Sam – sister of superproducer Mark – called it a day during the latest bust-up.

Fearing trouble, she then ordered security at the plush Chateau Marmont Hotel to keep Lohan out of the bash, hosted by her fashion designer twin Charlotte.” (End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

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Bristol Palin Takes The Right Out Of Righteousness!

Remember how Sarah Palin tried to differentiate her daughter from every other single mother out there? She said that her unwed pregnant daughter was going to marry the father.Here’s Sarah Palin’s official statement from The L.A. Times:

“Republicans swung into damage control Monday as their scaled-back convention was overtaken by news that the unmarried teenage daughter of vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin was five months pregnant.The revelation introduced a highly personal and unpredictable element into a presidential campaign already steeped in gender politics.

In a statement released hours before the convention opened, Palin and her husband, Todd, did not say when their daughter Bristol, 17, told them of her pregnancy. Bristol intends to marry the father, the statement said — a move that drew widespread praise from religious leaders and convention delegates.

Few expressed surprise that they were planning marriage at their age. “I think she’s pretty responsible by keeping the baby,” said Weston Patrick, 17, whose mother, Judy Patrick, was Palin’s deputy mayor in Wasilla.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

And now the wedding’s off! I wonder if it was ever really on in the first place.I think the whole “engagement” was really damage control.They were always very vague about the actual wedding date.Here’s more on their breakup from the NY Daily News:

The teen romance that prompted a pregnant pause in Sarah Palin’s bid to become U.S. Vice President is reportedly over.

Bristol Palin and fiancé Levi Johnston have broken up after she referred to his family as “white trash,” the hockey-playing  hunk’s sister dished to Star magazine.

Mercede Johnston says the 18-year-old daughter of Alaska’s Republican  governor dumped her brother, Levi, an out-of-work high school drop out.

And she said Bristol Palin, who took her beau to the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn., has made it tough for him to spend time with his 2-month-old son, Tripp.

“Levi tries to visit Tripp every single day, but Bristol makes it nearly impossible,” Mercede Johnston told Star Magazine.

“She [Bristol] tells him he can’t take the baby to our house because she doesn’t want him around ‘white trash’!” she said.

In December, Levi Johnston’s mother, Sherry, was busted in an undercover drug sting and charged with six felonies involving the pain killer oxycontin.

Calls to the Johnstons and Palins were not returned Wednesday.

“Bristol won’t even allow him to watch the baby for a few hours unless he’s babysitting,” said Mercede Johnston, whose brother was forced to quit his oil field apprenticeship in January after questions were raised about his qualifications.

The sister said Bristol Palin’s demeaning attitude  has been bolstered by Sarah Palin.

“I used to love Sarah,” she said. “But I’ve lost lots of respect for her.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

So much for abstinence & marriage! Bristol Palin has taken the right out of the righteous attitude Republicans try so hard to convey!

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When George Bush Talked About Barbara Bush,The Look Of Love Was All Over His Face!

I know that this isn’t the first time that George H.W. Bush has wept openly.He broke down in tears several years ago during a speech he gave about his two sons.But today,he got extremely emotional when he talked about Barbara Bush’s recovery from open heart surgery.It was quite touching.This is one man who really loves his wife.It’s written all over his face!

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