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American Cultural Icons Like Don Cornelius Who Are No Longer With Us…

Don Cornelius  (September 27, 1936 – February 1, 2012)

As a child of the 70’s, I grew up watching two shows. “Soul Train” & “American Bandstand” were the two staples in my weekend TV diet. I loved the interviews that Don Cornelius conducted in that beautiful,baritone voice of his. I was in total awe of this elegant, sophisticated man. Sure, the acts & dancers were absolutely terrific but he was one of the main reasons why folks tuned in every weekend to “Soul Train”. He was a soulful being who seemed to embody the very essence of soul.Folks like Don Cornelius & Billy Dee Williams made it that much cooler to be black. Don Cornelius will remain an American cultural icon. Or,as some have said, an “American treasure.”

Here’s more on this self-made American icon from The Associated Press:

“Soul Train” aired nationally from 1971 to 2006. Asked why it endured, he told The New York Times in 1995: “There is an inner craving among us all, within us all, for television that we can personally connect to.” He stepped down as host in 1993, and sold it to MadVision Entertainment in 2008.

“Don Cornelius was a pioneer & a trailblazer,” Earvin “Magic” Johnson wrote on Twitter. “He was the first African-American to create, produce, host & more importantly OWN his own show.”

Though “Soul Train” became one of the longest-running syndicated shows in TV history, its power began to wane in the 1980s and ’90s as American pop culture began folding in black culture instead of keeping it segregated.

By that time, there were more options for black artists to appear on mainstream shows. And on shows like “American Bandstand,” blacks could be seen dancing along with whites.

But even when Michael Jackson became the King of Pop, there was still a need to highlight the achievements of African-Americans that were still marginalized at mainstream events. So Cornelius created the “Soul Train Awards,” which would become a key honor for musicians. The series also spawned the Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards and the Soul Train Christmas Starfest.

Along the way, however, Cornelius became estranged from a changing music scene that clashed with his relatively conservative taste. But while he suggested violently or sexually explicit gangsta rap should be labeled “X-rated,” Cornelius said the focus should be on eliminating poverty and violence from low-income black communities.

DJ Scratch, the DJ from the rap act EPMD, tweeted on Wednesday that Cornelius “100% didn’t like Hip Hop. But he realized that it was what the youth wanted. So again, I thank you Don.”

Cornelius’ world grew dark in recent years as he faced fallout from a divorce and other pressures. In 2009, he was sentenced to three years’ probation after pleading no contest to misdemeanor spousal battery and, in his divorce case that year, he also mentioned having significant health problems.

He has two children, Anthony and Raymond, with his first wife, Delores Harrison.

Cornelius, who was inducted into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame in 1995 and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, said in 2006 he remained grateful to the musicians who made “Soul Train” the destination for the best and latest in black music.

“As long as the music stayed hot and important and good, that there would always be a reason for ‘Soul Train,'” he said.  (End of Excerpt) Read more here.

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MSNBC Suspends Keith Olbermann!

Keith Olbermann was not forthcoming about campaign contributions he made to several Democrats. So,he has been suspended from MSNBC indefinitely without pay. He violated a NBC News rule against donating to candidates from either party.

The reasoning behind this NBC News policy is that “these activities jeopardize his or her standing as an impartial journalist because they may create the appearance of a conflict of interest.” Since when has Keith Olbermann passed himself off as an “impartial journalist?!!

He practically screams liberal on every show. Who are they kidding? Do you think that they are suddenly worried about impartiality because the country just voted a bunch of conservatives back into office? And MSNBC is just as synonymous with liberal progressive as Fox is the synonym of conservative.

Don’t fire him.Reinstate Keith Olbermann. I like to have his viewpoint in juxtaposition to Glenn Beck’s opinions. One thing that makes me like America is the political discourse that our citizens engage in. Keith Olbermann’s voice is an important part of that discourse. Whether you like him or not.

Here’s more from The Los Angeles Times:

“As Politico, which broke the story, reported Friday, Olbermann gave $2,400, the maximum legal donation, to Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva on Oct. 28, the same day Grijalva appeared as a guest on Olbermann’s “Countdown” show. There’s no way that should happen, for the very reasons stated in NBC’s rules against employees contributing to political campaigns–it’s a breach of journalistic independence to contribute to the candidates that you’re covering.

Not objectivity, since no one is arguing that Olbermann is objective, but independence. How can we, the viewers, possibly expect Olbermann to ask a candidate the toughest possible questions if he’s giving him money at the same time? Or even worse, it could be perceived as pay-to-play: I give you money, you appear on my show. The same goes for Fox News, which now has a host of leading 2012 GOP presidential hopefuls all serving as paid on-air contributors. When I see them being interviewed by Fox newsmen, that exchange looks a lot more like media back-scratching and self-promotion than journalism.

The Olbermann mess simply highlights the dilemma MSNBC faces as it plays second fiddle to the Fox News juggernaut. If it wants to be a liberal advocacy network, fine, then it can reinstate Olbermann and start shaping the news to benefit liberal causes, the way Fox does on the right. But if it wants to be taken seriously as a real news network, then it should make Olbermann serve a suspension, make sure its other anchors understand the rulebook and, most important, say loud and clear: Unlike our competition, when we say we practice independent journalism, we really mean it.”(End of Excerpt) Read more here.

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Anderson Cooper Only Picks Good-Looking Chaps To Shag!

CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper might as well make it official. He should tell the world about the tasty treat that he gets to devour named Ben Maisani. The NYC  gay bar owner has been identified as the super hot man who is Anderson Cooper’s latest companion. From the photographic evidence that is available, it seems evident that he only shags good-looking chaps. Ooh,I’d love to be a fly on their bedroom wall.

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Paris Hilton Gets Detained By Police At The World Cup!

Oh, Paris,you naughty girl! Well,maybe not this time. But, police at the World Cup thought that Paris Hilton was indulging in a bit of naughtiness. After smelling the heavenly scent of marijuana lingering in the air, South African authorities detained the sex flop pot on suspicion of marijuana possession.

Here’s more from CNN:

“A drug charge against Paris Hilton, who was detained Friday in South Africa on suspicion of marijuana possession, has been dropped, police said.

Hilton and another woman, Jennifer Rovero, were taken into custody at the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium on possession charges, police said in a statement.

The single count against the heiress was dropped after Rovero pleaded guilty to the same charge, police said. She faces a fine.

Hilton appeared calm when she appeared before a magistrate judge in Port Elizabeth, a reporter for affiliate ETV told CNN. Rovero works as a freelance photographer for Hilton, reporter Lance Witten said.

Hilton’s publicist, in a statement to CNN, said the incident “was a complete misunderstanding, and it was actually another person in the group who did it.”

Dawn Miller, the publicist, said Hilton was accused of smoking marijuana and said “no charges will be made” against her.

“The authorities have apologized for wrongfully accusing her since she had nothing to do with the incident,” Miller said.”(End of Excerpt) Read more here.

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CNN’s Ali Velshi Gets Punked On Air!

Poor Ali Velshi. When he was giving weather updates today,he talked to a caller who identified himself as Gene Laster of Newark Liberty Airport. The caller was supposed to be talking to Ali about how the severe weather has shut down the Newark Airport. About a minute into the conversation,Gene Laster calls Ali a dumb ass on air. Why? Well,Gene Laster says that Ali Velshi should have known that he was the recipient of a prank call.Because the Newark Airport was never closed.

After that, Ali said,”Good one,Gene.”

Then,he went on with the rest of the broadcast without incident. What,a funny & crazy CNN moment.

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Carrie Prejean Is A Disgrace To Christianity!

Carrie Prejean is someone who is obviously so full of herself that it is not even funny.It’s downright alarming to me that such a blatant hypocrite is toting Christianity just like it’s another one of her “achievements”.

As both a Christian & California girl,let me state most emphatically that this empty-headed shallow human being does not represent either my state or my religion in any way.!

Carrie Prejean is representing both narcissism & hypocrisy.And with all the damage that she does to herself every time she opens her mouth,I would say that Carrie Prejean is leading the campaign against her.

Before she calls Larry King or anyone else “inappropriate“,Carrie Prejean needs to recall the photos & the sex tape that this fake “pious” woman did.If you are promoting  Christianity,Ms. Prejean,then how is any of that appropriate?

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Contessa Brewer Can’t Tell The Difference Between Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson!

Talk about a cringe worthy moment! When Contessa Brewer of MSNBC interviewed Rev. Jesse Jackson,she called him Rev. Al Sharpton.

Well,Rev. Jackson took about half a minute to correct this pretty little birdbrain.I think he did that because he wanted to keep his composure.But,he was visibly agitated by the ridiculous gaffe that Contessa Brewer made.Who would confuse Jesse Jackson with Rev. Al Sharpton?

After apologizing,Contessa Brewer claimed that was what the script said.I’ve heard of sticking to the script,but wow! Can you really blame the teleprompter for that mistake,Contessa Brewer? I think not!

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Cocaine Contributed To Billy Mays Sudden Death!

Billy Mays was involved in a plane accident where he got hit in the head by some debris.People initially thought that was a contributing factor to his sudden death.

Then,it was discovered that he had a heart attack.And now it appears that the cocaine that was in his system played a part in his passing.His wife is in a state of disbelief over the medical examiner’s findings.She says that she was not aware that he was taking recreational drugs.

Here’s more from the NY Daily News:

“Infomercial king Billy Mays’ wife lashed out on Friday after Florida authorities released autopsy results showing cocaine helped kill him.The medical examiner said Mays last used cocaine a few days before his June 28 death but wasn’t high when he died in his sleep at his Tampa condo.

However, an autopsy found “cocaine use caused or contributed to the development of heart disease,” the official cause of death.Mays also had powerful prescription painkillers and anti-anxiety drugs in his system, along with a few drinks, officials said.

Mays’ angry family called the announcement “speculative … and frankly unnecessary.

His widow, Deborah, who found her husband dead in bed, said she may hire an independent expert to review the findings.She said she was unaware of any drug use by her husband, beyond prescription pills for a hip problem.

“Billy suffered from chronic, untreated hypertension,” she said in a statement.”(End of Excerpt) Read more:

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TMZ:They Were The First To Report Michael Jackson’s Death!

When I found out that Michael Jackson had been hospitalized,I kept switching channels on my television so that I could get all the information that I could.So,imagine my surprise when every single news station reported what TMZ had discovered.

They were the first to break the news of Michael Jackson’s death.From here on,I will go directly to TMZ when I want to know everything about a celebrity.

Thanks TMZ for keeping America informed on the death of Michael Jackson.That’s some damn good reporting that you guys are doing over there.

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Heidi Montag & Spencer The Brat: “Speidi” Is The Most Plastic Couple That I’ve Ever Seen!

Heidi Montag looks like she’s constantly in drag since her plastic surgery.And Spencer Pratt should receive the moniker “Spencer The Brat“! They are so plastic that it’s hard not to believe that they weren’t manufactured just for “reality” TV. “Speidi“,indeed!

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