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Ellen Degeneres Is The Fourth American Idol Judge!!!

I wonder if Ellen Degeneres will be a good fit for The American Idol.Even though she has no musical background that I am aware of,she is replacing Paula Abdul as the fourth judge on the talent show.

Judging from this spoof that she did of American Idol contestant,William Hung,Ellen Degeneres is not all that funny.She’s a likeable person,though.Maybe they are banking on that.

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Hydrogen Locomotives Is An American Invention!

What’s the latest magnificent American invention? Hydrogen fuel cell powered locomotives that may lead the way to less or even no dependence on fossil fuel in America.

The world’s first fully operational fuel cell switcher train was introduced today in Topeka,Kansas! Who says that America still can’t lead the way?Here’s more on this exciting invention from Hydrogen Cars & Vehicles:

“Back in January 2008, I had talked about BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation), Vehicle Projects and the U. S. Army working on a hydrogen fuel cell powered train that would be rolling out soon. Well that day has come at the Topeka, Kansas System Maintenance Terminal.

The world’s first fully operational fuel cell switcher train was introduced by Senator Sam Brownback, Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins and other players interested in alternative fuels and air quality. This hydrogen train can also be used as a power generator in disaster areas if needed.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

Click on this site for more information on hydrogen trains.

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The Mass Moonwalk In London Was A Magnificent Tribute To The King Of Pop!

I bet the King of Pop is looking down from that great big paradise in the sky with so much pleasure.His fans are coming out in droves all over the world in celebration of both their lives & his.Because like one Michael Jackson devotee said:

Your music was the soundtrack of my youth.”

That statement sums it up for a whole host of people. It may have applied to the hundreds of people who filled the streets of London to give Michael Jackson one magnificent tribute. A mass moonwalk!

Here’s more from the Telegraph:

“Hundreds of Michael Jackson fans descended on London’s Liverpool Street station for a flashmob ‘Moonwalk’ in memory of Michael Jackson. The impromptu gathering, which had been organised through Twitter and Facebook, saw several hundred people congregate outside the mainline railway station, some even dressed in masks and sparkly gloves like Michael Jackson.

Dozens of photographers, journalists and police officers kept a watchful eye on the largely good-natured gathering, who danced and sang along to some of Michael Jackson’s biggest hits. Fans at the event used Twitter to share photos and videos of the event, and the flashmob was one of the hottest topics of conversation on the microblogging site.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

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I Just Might Read Carrie Prejean’s Tell-All!

Ms. Prejean has promised to wreak vengeance on those who conspired to have her crown taken from her! Her form of revenge is a tell-all book about the pageant.Carrie claims that the prospect of such a book deal “frightened pageant organizers.”

At the moment,the former Miss California only has a literary publicist.But,I’m sure she”ll have no problem inking a book deal.Here’s more from omg!:

“While speaking with Billy on Wednesday, Carrie said she believes her decision to write about her experiences frightened pageant organizers, including Lewis.

“I think that’s basically what it comes down to. I think that Keith Lewis heard that I wanted to write a book and I wanted to tell my story and he was scared,” she said.

“He was very, very scared by that.”

However, Carrie’s communications difficulties seem to extend beyond the Miss California organization. On “Larry King Live” on Wednesday, Carrie’s pastor, Miles McPherson, denied she had a book in the works.

“She does not have a book deal – all those allegations are false,” he told Larry, adding that she’d been “cooperating” with the pageant.

While Carrie claimed Keith was frightened by her plans, she said he stood strong in other areas, putting his foot down on a number of opportunities she was offered as Miss California.”(End of Excerpt) Read the post in its entirety here.

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The American Idol Shocker!!

Kris Allen actually won over the guy that has the full package.I mean,Adam Lambert has the edgy rocker look with the black nail polish & spiky jet black hair.Plus,he is a much better singer.

So,even Kris Allen seemed taken aback when he learned that he was the next American Idol.It’s being called “the biggest upset in eight seasons” by’s more:

“David Cook, on the verge of relinquishing his title Wednesday night, told Ryan at the start of the two-hour finale:

I don’t know that America can get this wrong.”

Actually, America’s decision will be a point of considerable debate in the next day and maybe even days beyond that — with just under 100 million votes cast, dark horse Kris Allen beat out Adam Lambert, who for weeks has been considered the all-but-inevitable champ.This is the biggest upset in eight seasons.

The result was an even bigger surprise considering that — as even Kris’s supporters would concede — Adam gave the stronger performance on the Tuesday performance show. Simon anointed him a “worldwide star.”

Apparently stunned by the news of his victory, Kris couldn’t help but stammer, “Adam deserves this.”

Oh, please! Adam was the most acclaimed Idol contestant ever, but also one of the most divisive. At any rate, it was an exciting jolt at the end of a long two hours. The show started with the 13 season finalists dressed in white, as if they had just died and were arriving in the afterlife.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

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