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A Pedophile Pediatrician That Molested 103 Kids Is Arrested In Delaware!

A filthy pediatrician has been molesting kids for more than a decade in Delaware.The case is so horrid that it may be the worst case of pedophilia in US history.Earl Bradley sexually assaulted 103 kids!! And there may be even more cases than that!!

I am interested in the details of this case. How did a pediatrician get the opportunity to molest these children? I accompany my two darlings to every visit to the pediatrician’s office. They are never left alone with the doctor. Not for one second.

It would raise my suspicions if my pediatrician made a practice of performing exams without the parents being in the room.That seems weird to me. But,Earl Bradley was allowed to do just that.

Here’s more on that from Associated Content:

A two-year old patient of Dr. Earl B. Bradley told her mother Dr. Bradley had “hurt her” and this started a criminal investigation according to MSNBC. Dr. Bradley has allegedly abused 16 patients, some as young as age 6 months.

Dr. Bradley resides in Lewes, Delaware. He now faces 29 charges, including rape. The charges include rape of 8 girls according to Delaware Online. The CapeGazette reports that Dr. Bradley faces “four charges of first-degree rape, two charges of second-degree rape, and 14 charges of sexual exploitation of a child.”

MSNBC reports that a bail of $2.9 million dollars has been set. This doctor is age 56; he may be spending much of the rest of his life in jail.

The alleged assaults were done to girls ages 3 months to 13 years according to Delaware Online. Also, Dr. Bradley videotaped some of the assaults. The videotapes were made between August 7 and December 13 according to Delaware Online.

The Cape Gazette reports that some of the attacks occurred in a “rear outbuilding. Police say Bradley was known to take patients to this building, without their parents, to give the child a treat.”

Some of the patients in the videos have not yet been identified. Thus far he has been charged with the abuse of 9 female patients.

Delaware Online states that during one of the videotaped assaults, Dr. Bradley had a “violently enraged expression on his face”

Delaware Online notes that “police found a small computer device that contained images of multiple forced sexual acts with child patients – including intercourse, oral sex, and fondling.” (End of Excerpt) Read the whole article here.

Last year,they only knew about nine victims. Today,we know about at least 103 children.And the numbers may keep rising.

Here’s more on Dr. Earl B. Bradley from Delaware Online:

The attorney general urged parents and their children to continue coming forward to help authorities identify more victims.

“I know that today’s indictment will reopen painful wounds for Lewes and the Sussex County community that has already been deeply traumatized,” Biden said of the staggering toll detailed in the 471-count indictment handed up earlier in the day by a Sussex County grand jury.

Charges include first- and second-degree rape, unlawful sexual contact, sexual exploitation of a child and continuing sexual abuse of a child.

Two mothers of former patients who suspect their children are among the victims said the crimes are abominable. The News Journal is not identifying the women.

“Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does,” one mother said.
“I don’t even know what to say anymore,” the other mother said. “We are all victims.”

Police and prosecutors have accused Bradley of almost unspeakable depravity – holding toddlers upside down and yelling at them while committing sex acts; penetrating a girl’s vagina with his hand when she was brought in for a sore throat, according to previously released court documents. In one Dec. 13 recording made three days before his arrest, a 2- to 3-year-old girl was seen screaming and trying to run away from Bradley, police wrote.

The attacks allegedly occurred at Bradley’s Disney-themed BayBees Pediatrics in a Pinocchio-themed examination room, a basement where he kept toys and other treats and an outbuilding Bradley was converting into a movie theater.

By bonding with the children, the burly, bearded doctor earned their parents’ trust and permission to take them alone to get toys, candy and ice cream.

Bradley’s arrest in December came after two previous attempts to build cases against him collapsed – once in 2005, when prosecutors did not file offensive-touching charges against him for excessive kissing of a 3-year-old girl, authorities have said, and again in 2008 after three parents told state police about inappropriate vaginal exams, but a Superior Court judge would not authorize a search warrant for his office.” (End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

The lesson that every parent should learn from this case is that you should never entrust your kids to anyone.Unfortunately, all of the parents who trusted Dr. Earl Bradley learned that from this unimaginably terrible experience.Don’t you make the same mistake that they did.

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Michelle Obama Will Grace Fox News With Her Presence!!

The First Lady will make her first appearance on the network that loves to dog President Obama.Michelle Obama will bring some elegance & class to Fox News on the Huckabee show.

Although I don’t care for his show,I might tune in just to see how Mike Huckabee handles the eloquence & sophistication that is Michelle Obama.

Here’s more from The Huffington Post:

“Michelle Obama is making her debut appearance on Fox News this coming Saturday, on Mike Huckabee’s show ‘Huckabee.’ The former Republican presidential candidate wooed the first lady onto Fox to talk about her childhood obesity campaign, “let’s move.”

(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

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CNN’s Ali Velshi Gets Punked On Air!

Poor Ali Velshi. When he was giving weather updates today,he talked to a caller who identified himself as Gene Laster of Newark Liberty Airport. The caller was supposed to be talking to Ali about how the severe weather has shut down the Newark Airport. About a minute into the conversation,Gene Laster calls Ali a dumb ass on air. Why? Well,Gene Laster says that Ali Velshi should have known that he was the recipient of a prank call.Because the Newark Airport was never closed.

After that, Ali said,”Good one,Gene.”

Then,he went on with the rest of the broadcast without incident. What,a funny & crazy CNN moment.

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