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The Red Square UFO In Moscow Has Yet To Be Identified!

Giant Pyramid UFO 'Hovers Over Moscow' ...

Have you seen the huge UFO that was suspended in the skies of Moscow,yet?Dubbed the Red Square UFO,this large object has yet to be identified.What the heck is going on in Russia?

First,one of their missiles is purported to be the cause of the huge “UFO” sighting in Norway.Now,this! I wonder if this is terrestrial or something extra!

Here’s more from Sky News:

“The pyramid-shaped object was said to have remained for hours over the Red Square in the Russian capital.

The fuzzy grey shape was apparently captured on film in at least two separate videos – one filmed during the daytime and another at night – which became an online sensation.

But sceptics suggested there would be thousands of videos, rather than just two, if the object really had remained in the skies for hours.

Russian police have not commented on the alleged sightings.

The reports of the pyramid come just days after a Russian missile launch set off a spate of UFO sightings in Norway.

The dramatic light spiral seen over the north of the country prompted theories that it was caused by a meteor, the Northern Lights or even aliens.

However, Russia later revealed that its test-firing of a new intercontinental missile had ended in failure – at the same time as observers witnessed the early morning light show.”(End of Excerpt) Read more here.

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Vinnie Reams:A Beautiful American Teen Sculptress

Vinnie Reams could serve as a role model for young women of today.She had everything that a girl dreams of.The Victorian teen had an exquisite appearance,marvelous talent,& a quick witted intellect. The charming beauty was only 18 when she was selected by the U.S. Congress to sculpt the Lincoln memorial becoming the first woman to receive a commission to do so.She truly deserved to be regarded as a “child prodigy.”

This was a female artist that should be revered by many. Her story is truly inspirational & riveting.Yet,Vinnie Reams is largely unknown.Most folks do not know much about the beautiful American teen sculptress who  created the statue of Lincoln that now stands in the U.S. Capitol.

Here’s more from

Vinnie Ream was a colorful character – not exactly the loveable type, but not truly detestable either. She was somewhat of a cross between Donald Trump (with much better hair) and Sarah Palin (without the perpetual victimhood). In other words, she knew the scent of a great business opportunity when she smelled one, was relentless enough to go after it until she got what she wanted, and wasn’t above batting her eyelashes to sway public opinion.

With the dexterity of a born politician, Lavinia Ellen Ream – Vinnie to her friends – integrated herself into Washington, D.C.’s political society, a feat relatively unheard of for a woman without the benefit of a prominent husband. Her friendships with powerful men were enviable across gender lines, and she never failed to use them to further her own agenda. These connections catapulted Vinnie to artistic fame, and her statues stand tall in the rotunda of the capitol building and in Farragut Square, Washington, D.C.

Vinnie Ream: An American Sculptor recounts the life of the 19th-century artist as she lobbied for the Congressional commission to sculpt a memorial of Abraham Lincoln after his death. Having convinced the president to sit for her by playing up her humble beginnings, Vinnie created the most honest likeness to date of the statesman.

Over the course of a few sessions, the sculptor managed to capture Lincoln’s relentless pensiveness, the dour expression, the elongated face, and the famous quiet brooding. But earning the commission meant going up against long-held attitudes about the ability of a woman to do a “man’s job,” so Vinnie used what she had and embedded her artistic skills in feminine charm.

In a relatively short time, she acquired the support of President Andrew Johnson, General Ulysses S. Grant, Admiral David Farragut, senators Thaddeus Stevens (Pennsylvania) and James S. Rollins (Missouri), and Representative Daniel Voorhees (Indiana).

Not surprisingly, the social scene at her studio, which multitudes of politicians regularly visited, became insatiable fodder for the media. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported, “Her studio is crammed with every conceivable thing…including two Confederate generals and a lady…. People are coming and going all the time, a thousand interruptions; how is it possible for her to work?”

Despite the churning rumor mills, these influential men would go on to play a remarkable role in helping Vinnie establish her place in history.

All this attention invited tabloid-style critiques, particularly in the form of attacks on her character. Vinnie suffered accusations of everything from trading sexual favors to influencing the outcome of President Johnson’s impeachment trial, and some of the harshest admonishments came from women incensed by her popularity and guile.

It was for this reason that she rebuffed Elizabeth Cady Stanton, prominent figure of the Women’s Suffrage Movement, when Mrs. Stanton solicited her signature on a petition recognizing “women and women’s labor under the Government.”

“You are a working girl, getting your bread by your hands! If you do not help yourself and us, how can Woman help you?”

“‘Mrs Stanton,”’ Vinnie said, airing old grievances, “‘no help has any woman given me here. From Grace Greenwood to Mrs Swisshelm, they have all sought to strike me down…. I will be befriended by gentlemen only, for whilst I never got any justice from a woman, I was never treated meanly by man!’”

Vinnie did indeed believe in women’s suffrage and equality between the sexes. To not would be to ignore the fact that she was fighting daily to be “respected as a sculptor, and not as a female sculptor” (94). Voicing that belief, however, would have meant possibly biting the hands that fed her. Several of the senators who had supported her commission and aided her in securing a studio in which to work, vehemently opposed giving women the right to vote.

Read more here.

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Tiger Woods:He Is A Winner,Cheater, & Loser!

Tiger Woods has always been known for being a winner because he is the best golf player ever! Now,it has come out that he is a serial cheater. I mean,damn,Tiger! 13 women!!! That’s too extramarital for me!

And,finally,Tiger Woods is a loser because all of the accolades & respect that he won from the public has been diminished due to his philandering ways.Tiger Woods may be a winner professionally,but he has handled his personal life just like a loser would.

Look at how he has destroyed his family!It’s remarkable that all of these skeletons did not fall out of the closet sooner!

Here’s more from BBC News:

US golfer Tiger Woods is taking indefinite leave from professional golf to try to work on “healing” his family.

On a statement on his website, he said he was aware of the disappointment “my infidelity” had caused his family.

He said he wanted to “try to repair the damage done” and asked for privacy so his family “could heal”.

In the UK, lawyers for the world’s number one obtained an injunction preventing certain information purportedly about him being published.

On his website, Mr Woods said he was “profoundly sorry” and asked for forgiveness.

He said: “I would like to ask everyone, including my fans, the good people at my foundation, business partners, the PGA Tour, and my fellow competitors, for their understanding.

“What’s most important now is that my family has the time, privacy, and safe haven we will need for personal healing.

“After much soul searching, I have decided to take an indefinite break from professional golf. I need to focus my attention on being a better husband, father, and person.”

He has been married to his wife Elin for five years and they have a two-year-old daughter and 10-month-old son.

In a statement the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) Tour said it supported the golfer’s decision, the Associated Press news agency reported.

Tour commissioner Tim Finchem said the celebrity’s “priorities are where they need to be”. (End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.


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“Operation Snowball Express” Helps The Children Of Fallen Soldiers!

One great thing about America is that we can be a charitable people.Yes,there is greed.But,there is also help for those in need.

Operation Snowball Express is a charity that provides support & good will to the children of fallen soldiers.They are there to help ease the pain. God bless them for that!

Here’s more from Texas Cable News:

“The passengers filed off the plane in a conspicuous pattern: mother and children, mother and children, mother and children.

With a high-five to American Airlines flight attendant Kimberly Pitcher, Oliver Petty of Tampa, Fla., leaves the plane and sets off on a North Texas adventure along with 1,300 other kids and spouses of fallen service members.

One of the last women to exit handed the pilot a thank-you note. In lieu of a signature, she had written the name of the family member who wasn’t on the flight:

Arthur S Mastrapa. KIA Iraq 6-16-04.

“I know what it’s like,” said the pilot, whose own father died when he was 9.He, the entire flight crew and hundreds of other volunteers were donating their time for Snowball Express – a charity operation that collected about 1,300 children and spouses of fallen soldiers from all over the country and brought them to Dallas on Wednesday for a much-needed holiday.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

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The Blue Light Phenomenon Is In Norway!

Strange spiral: Residents in northern Norway were left stunned after the lightshow, which almost looked computer-generated, appeared in the skies above them

The bizarre spiral looks almost computer-generated in the dark skies over Norway yesterday

There is a mysterious blue light that lit up the skies of Norway.Is it a UFO? Maybe it’s a precursor to the type of phenomenon that some theorize will hit the Earth somewhere around Dec 21, 2012.

Whether it’s a wormhole that leads to another dimension or a failed Russian missile,that is some freaky stuff to see.I’m glad that Norwegians witnessed that & not Americans.Because the video was eerie enough for me.

Here’s more from The Daily Mail UK:

What’s blue and white, squiggly and suddenly appears in the sky?

If you know the answer, pop it on a postcard and send it to the people of Norway, where this mysterious light display baffled residents yesterday.

Speculation was increasing today that the display was the result of an embarrassing failed test launch of a jinxed new Russian missile.

The Bulava missile was test-fired from the Dmitry Donskoi submarine in the White Sea early on Wednesday but failed at the third stage, say newspapers in Moscow today.

This emerged despite earlier reports denying a missile launch yesterday. Even early today there was no formal confirmation from the Russian Defence Ministry.

The light appears to be unconnected with the aurora borealis, or northern lights, the natural magnetic phenomena that can often be viewed in that part of the world.

The mystery began when a blue light seemed to soar up from behind a mountain in the north of the country. It stopped mid-air, then began to move in circles. Within seconds a giant spiral had covered the entire sky.

Then a green-blue beam of light shot out from its centre – lasting for ten to 12 minutes before disappearing completely.

Onlookers describing it as ‘like a big fireball that went around, with a great light around it’ and ‘a shooting star that spun around and around’.

Yesterday a Norwegian defence spokesman said the display was most likely from a failed Russian test launch.”

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A Kung-Fu Wife Beats Chinese Husband Weekly!

Whoever said that Asian women were docile & obedient must not have ever met a woman like Mr. Zhang’s wife. This Chinese man has signed a contract that allows his wife to whup his ass once a week. Why did he do such an illogical thing, you ask?

Well, Mr. Zhang says it’s because he is trying to reduce the amount of abuse that he willingly undergoes. You know what I think,though? This guy likes to be dominated. So,he married a dominatrix.

Here’s more on this kick-ass story from The Telegraph:

The 32-year-old man, who was named by the Chongqing Evening News as Mr Zhang, took the unusual step after suffering intense abuse from his wife, who studies kung fu.

“I don’t want to beat him, but arguments are inevitable and I can’t help myself,” his wife told the newspaper. She added that in the week before they signed the deal, she had beaten him up three times.

Mr Zhang said his wife, who is a sales manager at a trading company, had studied kung fu since her childhood and that he was attracted to her “strong and independent temperament”.

He also admitted that he had suffered at her hands throughout their six-month courtship. “Before we got married, she had a wild hairstyle and I teased that it made her look like a tigress. During the argument that followed, I said some bad words and I got a taste of her kung fu for the first time.”

He said that he had tried to bite his lip in order to avoid being punished, but that he “never wants to lose an argument” and so always ends up with “bruises and scars all over”.

In order to curb his wife’s aggression, Mr Zhang proposed signing a contract in front of his in-laws.” (End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.


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Ex-NBA Referee Talks About The Mafia’s Involvement In The NBA!

Tim Donaghy did not conduct himself honorably when he decided to bet on NBA games.As a NBA referee,it a total betrayal to the game.Not to mention that it’s also illegal.Despite that,Donaghy has redeemed himself somewhat in my eyes by coming clean about the mafia’s involvement in the NBA.

I am delighted to finally hear one of these refs admit what many have suspected all along.Referees sometimes make their calls based on personal feelings & outside influences.

Here’s more from 6O Minutes:

“And Donaghy might well have gotten away with it. He might still be reffing and betting today. But he fell in with the mob.

Donaghy was placing those bets through a friend. He was too scared of getting caught to do it himself. And their winning streak went on uninterrupted for three years. But in the fourth year, that friend let slip that he was getting his betting tips from an NBA ref.

The mob found out about it and wanted in on the action. That’s when Donaghy discovered what it means to be really scared.

It started outside a hotel at Philadelphia’s airport: the FBI says two men associated with the Gambino crime family requested a meeting with Donaghy and took him for a ride.

“They came down and picked me up,” Donaghy remembered. “They basically told me that I needed to give them the picks. And if I didn’t that it’s a possibility that somebody would go down and visit my wife and kids in Florida.”

Donaghy said he believed them and was scared. From then on his picks were relayed to the mob.

Asked how he communicated his bets to the mob, Donaghy said, “I would discuss it with a high school friend of mine, who would pass the information along to them.”

There was a code. “The code was if I want them to be the home team, I would discuss his brother Chuck. And if I wanted him to bet the visiting team, I would mention his brother Johnny,” Donaghy explained.

FBI Special Agent Scala told Simon the FBI made a very conservative estimate that the mob made at least a few million dollars off Donaghy’s picks.

Donaghy said the mob was paying him $2,000 per correct pick – peanuts considering they were making millions.

Asked why he didn’t ask for more money, Donaghy said, “It wasn’t about the money, at that point… It was just about getting through the season and hoping that’d end it.”

Because the mob put a lot of money on his picks, they were not good losers. We told you that in one game, Donaghy threw out the coach of the team they were betting on. That cost the mob the bet and they were not happy.

“They had questions as to why I did it,” Donaghy remembered. “I just told them that I wasn’t making calls in games to win, influence the outcome. And no I’m not gonna be able to obviously predict the winner every night. And you know, they have to accept that that’s what’s gonna happen.”

Asked if the mobsters accepted that, Donaghy told Simon, “I’m not sure that they accepted it or not, but that was the information that I passed to them.”

As it turned out, his mob connection brought him down.

The FBI, which was monitoring mob phone calls, heard that an NBA ref was betting on games. The information made it to Special Agent Scala, who headed the FBI’s Gambino family task force.

“One of the case agents had come into my office and said that they had information from a wire tap stating that there was huge sums of money being made and that someone thought that a ref may be involved,” Scala remembered.

“So if you hadn’t gotten involved with the mob you might still be out there reffing and betting on your own games?” Simon asked.

“Possibly,” Donaghy admitted.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

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Did Billy Joel’s Daughter Really Try To End Her Life?

Apparently,being Alexa Ray Joel is too hard for the woman that bears that name.It must be excruciatingly terrible to be the daughter of Christie Brinkley when you didn’t inherit any of her blond statuesque beauty.Unfortunately for Alexa,she takes after Billy Joel in looks.That would make anyone depressed.

Not only does she have to deal with people constantly assessing her looks,as I just did,but she is trying to carve her own path to success.To her great dismay,Alexa Ray Joel is mostly known for being Billy Joel’s daughter.

So,it didn’t come as much of a surprise when I learned that she tried to commit suicide.The poor thing overdosed on homeopathic pills after an argument with her boyfriend.Thankfully,she was unsuccessful in her attempt to end her life.Hopefully,Alexa Ray Joel will find the happiness that seems to elude her.

Get well,Alexa!

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