Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Did Not Have To Take That Call,Ya’ll!

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is a Texas congresswoman who has made news for all the wrong reasons as of late.First,she wanted to introduce a bill to the House of Representatives that “recognizes Michael Jackson as a global humanitarian.”

Now, Rep. Jackson Lee is being accused of not recognizing her constituents.During a town hall meeting on health care,a cancer survivor asked Rep Jackson Lee a question that went unanswered.Why is that,you ask? Rep. Jackson Lee was talking to someone on her cell phone!

Since many who are in the political stratosphere are being branded as “elitists“,I do not think it was wise of her to even appear to be ignoring any of her constituents.Rep. Jackson Lee really did not have to take that call,ya’ll!And,now,I think that she realizes that!

Instead of doing interviews that make the situation even worse,Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee should have issued an apology in the form of a written statement. That would have nipped the controversy right in the bud!

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One response to “Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Did Not Have To Take That Call,Ya’ll!

  1. I listen to a talk show host in Houston who clowns Queen Sheila almost daily. He creates these hilarious parodies about her that he plays on his show. Everybody I know listens to them and forwards the link for others to hear. They are friggin awesome.

    I don’t know how long he will keep them up, but you can hear them by going to:

    Funny stuff. We here in Houston have been watching Sheila and her silliness for years. You’re only now finding out how bad she can be.

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