Cocaine Contributed To Billy Mays Sudden Death!

Billy Mays was involved in a plane accident where he got hit in the head by some debris.People initially thought that was a contributing factor to his sudden death.

Then,it was discovered that he had a heart attack.And now it appears that the cocaine that was in his system played a part in his passing.His wife is in a state of disbelief over the medical examiner’s findings.She says that she was not aware that he was taking recreational drugs.

Here’s more from the NY Daily News:

“Infomercial king Billy Mays’ wife lashed out on Friday after Florida authorities released autopsy results showing cocaine helped kill him.The medical examiner said Mays last used cocaine a few days before his June 28 death but wasn’t high when he died in his sleep at his Tampa condo.

However, an autopsy found “cocaine use caused or contributed to the development of heart disease,” the official cause of death.Mays also had powerful prescription painkillers and anti-anxiety drugs in his system, along with a few drinks, officials said.

Mays’ angry family called the announcement “speculative … and frankly unnecessary.

His widow, Deborah, who found her husband dead in bed, said she may hire an independent expert to review the findings.She said she was unaware of any drug use by her husband, beyond prescription pills for a hip problem.

“Billy suffered from chronic, untreated hypertension,” she said in a statement.”(End of Excerpt) Read more:

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