On Father’s Day,Gov. Sanford Picked Argentina & His Lover Over His Family!

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So,Gov. Sanford’s staff really did not know where he was.They were led to believe by the dishonest governor that he had gone hiking on the Appalachian Trail. But,Mark Sanford admitted today at a news conference that he was actually in Argentina cheating on his wife.

On Father’s Day,this guy picked spending time with his mistress over his family.I guess he could care less about his party’s strong stance on family values.

And this is just a little side note for news junkies like me.I watched the so-called “liberal” media’s ploy to “discredit” Gov. Mark Sanford.At least, that’s what Fox’s Glenn Beck said it was.As usual, Beck the conspiracy theorist was wrong. The “liberal media” did not blow Gov. Sanford’s disappearance out of proportion.

This story deserved all the coverage that all of the media,including the Fox network, gave it.If anyone really wants to be informed,why would they ever watch Glenn Beck?

The only Fox show I look at is Shepard Smith’s.He is the only one over there that is sane,fair,& balanced. Anyway,here’s more on this aspect of the Sanford story from Think Progress:

This afternoon, Fox News’ Glenn Beck suggested that Gov. Mark Sanford’s (R-SC) apparent disappearance is simply a media ploy to “discredit” the governor, and that his wife and others knew his whereabouts. (They did not.) When Beck asked Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) whether he could “vouch for [Sanford’s] character,” DeMint refused:

BECK: Can you vouch for his character, that he is what he seems to be?

DEMINT: He always has been up front with me, but, you know, who knows? I don’t know if we can vouch for each other’s character, but he is a good friend of mine and obviously I hope he is okay.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

And here’s more on Gov. Sanford’s revelations from The AP:

Gov. Mark Sanford admitted Wednesday he’s been having an affair with a woman he visited on a secret trip to Argentina and said he’ll resign as head of the Republican Governors Association. Sanford, a rumored 2012 presidential candidate, refused to say whether he’ll leave office.

“I’ve let down a lot of people, that’s the bottom line,” Sanford said at a news conference. He said he’s known the woman about eight years, but their relationship turned into something more a year ago while he was on an economic development trip to Argentina.

Sanford, a 49-year-old father of four, choked up during remarks to reporters. He said his wife has known about the affair for the last five months.

Sanford revealed Wednesday morning that he’d gone to Argentina for a seven-day trip. For two days after reporters starting asking questions, his office had said he had gone hiking on the Appalachian Trial.

Meanwhile, first lady Jenny Sanford had told The Associated Press she did not know where her husband went for the Father’s Day weekend.

First elected governor in 2002, the former real estate developer has more than year remaining in his second term and is barred by state law from running again.

A former three-term congressman, Sanford most recently snared headlines for his unsuccessful fight to turn aside federal stimulus cash for his state’s schools. His vocal battle against the Obama administration — and libertarian, small-government leanings — won praise from conservative pundits. Ultimately, a state court order required him to take the money.

Sanford’s announcement came a day after another prominent Republican, Sen. John Ensign of Nevada, apologized to his GOP Senate colleagues after revealing last week that he had an affair with a campaign staffer and was resigning from the GOP leadership.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

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