Where In The Heck Is The Governor Of South Carolina?

Governor Mark Sanford has reportedly gone missing.His wife is not really sure where he is,but she’s not worried about it.She said maybe he went somewhere to write something.

Well…okay. But,why all of the secrecy? His staff didn’t even know where he was.Plus,he skipped out on his kids on Father’s Day.

What an insensitive,selfish jerk! Unless his mental state is in terrible condition,there is no excuse for not even letting your wife & kids know where you are.

What kind of a governor & family man is he? Both the state of South Carolina & his wife ought to tell Mark Sanford to take a permanent hike!

Here’s more on this bizarre story from Politico:

“In a new twist to an already-bizarre episode, South Carolina’s lieutenant governor said Monday night that neither he nor Gov. Mark Sanford’s staff know where the governor is and that Sanford’s office refused his demand to talk to his fellow Republican.

Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, who was elected separately from Sanford, issued a statement to POLITICO after a day of frenzied national speculation about the governor’s whereabouts.

Bauer said he called Sanford’s office Monday and requested an “immediate phone conversation with the governor.”

“That request was denied because the governor’s chief of staff does not know where the governor is, and has not communicated with the governor since he left South Carolina last Thursday,” Bauer said.

I cannot take lightly that his staff has not had communication with him for more than four days, and that no one, including his own family, knows his whereabouts.”

But Sanford spokesman Joel Sawyer issued a statement late Monday night saying that the governor was “hiking along the Appalachian Trail,” the first word on Sanford’s location since he was seen departing the state capital on Thursday.” Read the rest here.

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