I Just Might Read Carrie Prejean’s Tell-All!

Ms. Prejean has promised to wreak vengeance on those who conspired to have her crown taken from her! Her form of revenge is a tell-all book about the pageant.Carrie claims that the prospect of such a book deal “frightened pageant organizers.”

At the moment,the former Miss California only has a literary publicist.But,I’m sure she”ll have no problem inking a book deal.Here’s more from omg!:

“While speaking with Billy on Wednesday, Carrie said she believes her decision to write about her experiences frightened pageant organizers, including Lewis.

“I think that’s basically what it comes down to. I think that Keith Lewis heard that I wanted to write a book and I wanted to tell my story and he was scared,” she said.

“He was very, very scared by that.”

However, Carrie’s communications difficulties seem to extend beyond the Miss California organization. On “Larry King Live” on Wednesday, Carrie’s pastor, Miles McPherson, denied she had a book in the works.

“She does not have a book deal – all those allegations are false,” he told Larry, adding that she’d been “cooperating” with the pageant.

While Carrie claimed Keith was frightened by her plans, she said he stood strong in other areas, putting his foot down on a number of opportunities she was offered as Miss California.”(End of Excerpt) Read the post in its entirety here.

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