What Do Ms. California & The Fired Cheerleading Coach Have In Common?


What similarities do Ms. California & the fired cheerleading coach,Carlie Christine,share?Well,both of their first names start with the letter C. Carrie and Carlie both are six letter names that rhyme with each other.And they are both smoking hot girls with racy photos circulating all over the internet.

Now,what are the differences between the two? Ms. California has represented herself as a wholesome girl with a staunch conservative viewpoint.Carlie Christine has not imposed her political or personal views on anyone, as far as I know.

In summation,Ms. California’s racy pictures are at odds with the image she has put forth & Carlie Christine’s photos are not.If Ms. California wants to be the symbol of modesty & conservatism,then she should expect to be criticized for posing half-naked.And Ms. California is a role model to way more girls than a cheerleading coach could ever be.

How will these images affect the minds of young girls who dream of being Ms. California one day?Carrie Prejean seems to be just as confused about what kind of image she wants to portray as she is about “opposite marriage.”

Personally,I don’t care about Ms. California’s “racy pics.What is disturbing to me is when folks act like they have the moral authority over others because of their religion.When you do that,you deserve to be put under a microscope yourself.And that’s what happened in Ms. Prejean’s case.

Sorry,Ms. Prejean,but no one is trying to “undermine” your “reputation” unless these pictures were photoshopped.Your claim to fame is that you are the beauty queen with Christian morals & values.And you have been stressing that fact all over the media.It would be different if you were just a cheerleading coach like Carrie Christine.

Here’s more on Miss California’s racy pics from Queerty:

Can we get just one more post out of Miss California Carrie Prejean? Yep, you bet we can! On the heels of the “values” beauty contestant popping up in a sultry Bl!sss Magazine photospread, we’re hearing there are — wait for it, wait for it — nude photos of her on the way! In a tease, website TheDirty.com posted this backside shot of Prejean, which is likely only the beginning. Remember those photos of Vanessa Williams that got her crown stripped? Looks like Miss California is en route to the same.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

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