Before She Wonders About Anybody’s Sanity,Shouldn’t Michelle Bachmann Be Worried About Her Own?!!

Michelle Bachmann has proven time & time again that she is the one who is “stark raving mad! So,why is she wondering about the sanity of the DHS secretary,Janet Napolitano?Ms. Napolitano has made some incredibly stupid statements.She should have known better than to say that crossing the border illegally is not a crime.Because that just is not so! And she claimed that some 9/11 terrorists came through the Canadian border,which was also untrue.

These verbal mishaps have caused many conservatives to question whether or not Janet Napolitano really knows what the law is along the border! And those supposed concerns have some Republicans calling for her resignation.

What really got their goat,though,is the release of a intelligence report about right-wing extremism.Here’s more from The AP:

“It didn’t take long for Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to shoot herself in the foot or for Republicans to make her a target of their opposition to Obama administration policy.At the heart of the GOP criticism is a recent intelligence analysis from Napolitano’s agency saying veterans returning from Iraq or Afghanistan could be susceptible to right-wing recruiters or commit lone acts of violence.

When conservative bloggers began writing about the report, Napolitano defended the assessment while acknowledging that some of it should have been rewritten. She went on a number of television news shows to apologize and explain her support for and admiration of veterans.

This was not enough for several Republicans who took to the House floor this week to criticize Napolitano, confirmed to her Cabinet position less than 100 days ago.

Has this homeland security secretary gone absolutely stark raving mad?” said Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn. “She needs to come before Congress. She needs to answer a few questions.

On Thursday, Rep. Michael Burgess, R-Texas, told Fox News that Napolitano must not understand “the disruption that she has caused” in some parts of the country.

“I think the appropriate thing for her to do would be to step down,” he said.

A day earlier, Rep. John Carter, R-Texas, said, “Janet Napolitano should resign or be fired.”

Obama administration aides dismissed the criticism as a “typical Washington game” and “political theater.”

Despite the furor among some Republicans, party leaders did not bring it up in a meeting with President Barack Obama and top White House aides on Thursday. Although House Republican leader John Boehner had indicated earlier it likely would be discussed, his spokesman, Kevin Smith, said the topic was not broached.

White House spokesman Nick Shapiro said the right-wing extremist report originated in the Bush administration and Napolitano was working to keep the nation safe from terrorists.

“She doesn’t have time for these games — and neither does the president,” Shapiro said.

The veterans issue wasn’t the only flap. Earlier this week, Napolitano drew criticism for flubbing an explanation of federal law prohibiting people without proper documents from crossing U.S. borders into the country.In an interview with CNN, Napolitano, whose career has included stints as a U.S. attorney and attorney general and governor of Arizona, said:

Crossing the border is not a crime per se. It is civil.

While crossing the border illegally is a crime, most illegal immigrants caught in the United States face only civil penalties and deportation.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

I don’t think that the DHS secretary should be fired for making really dumb statements.Because if that’s the case,Michelle Bachmann should have been fired a long time ago.And there are a lot of people who are working to make that happen.Here’s more from Care2 petition site:

This is a petition to the citizens of Minnesota and Governor Tim Pawlenty to hold a recall election to remove Rep. Michelle Bachmann from the United States House of Representatives for her unprofessional, hateful, and treasonous remarks towards President Barack Obama, his administration, and for inciting violence against anyone who doesn’t believe in her right wing agenda.

Ms. Bachman has a long history of making disparaging remarks about the President even before he was elected.”(End of Excerpt) To sign the petition go here.

Because if anyone should resign from public office,it is this right-wing fanatical nut named Michelle Bachmann! She is the queen of hypocrisy,deceit,& hatred! Michelle Bachmann is a disgrace to the American people!

And there’s more from citizens for

Michele Bachmann was one of nine named as 2008’s Most Embarrassing Re-Elected Members of Congress.“

The list incorporates those elected officials who have misused their position through illegal, unethical or just plain outrageous conduct,” says the Washington-based Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).

(I first noticed a reference to this story in MPR’s Polinaut.)

From Rep. Bachmann’s smearing of President-elect Barack Obama to [Florida Republican] Rep. [Vern] Buchanan’s serious FEC violations — these members of Congress stand out for their inability to conduct themselves in a manner that respects the office they hold,” says Melanie Sloan, executive director of CREW.

Earlier, Bachmann made Esquire magazine’s list of 10 worst congresspeople.The CREW list includes seven Republicans and two Democrats. The group has drawn criticism from some quarters, including the Norm Coleman campaign, which called it “an attack dog” for the Democratic Party. CREW at the time denied that charge, noting that it recently had asked the Senate ethics panel to investigate mortgage deals that went to two Democratic senators, Chris Dodd and Kent Conrad.

Here’s CREW’s take on Bachmann:“Rep. Michele Bachmann is a first-term member of Congress representing Minnesota’s 6th district. She was re-elected by a margin of 46% to 43% of the vote. Rep. Bachmann gained notoriety for claiming God had told her to run for Congress, and for grabbing President Bush’s shoulder after the 2007 State of the Union and holding him there until he kissed her, as well as calling for investigation into the anti-American views of fellow members of Congress.” (End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

For the most complete coverage on this insane congresswoman,go here.

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