Hot Cheerleading Coach Gets Fired Because Of Her Racy Extracurricular Activities!

As long as she wasn’t bringing these photos to school & bragging about it,I do not see why she got fired.It just sounds like the mothers who complained about Carlie Christine had a bone to pick with her anyway.And that was probably way before their daughters didn’t make the cheerleading squad.

I just think that it’s total bull! Give this woman her job back. What she does in her own spare time is her damn business!!Here’s more from CBS:

Ron Jones with CBS 13 in Sacramento has the story about a local woman who was fired from her job as a cheerleading coach after she turned up in Playboy magazine.

“The girls are supposed to look up their coaches,” says one concerned parent at Casa Robles High School.

Carlie Christine bared all, all over the internet. Casa Robles High School officials in Orangevale confirm with CBS13 that their girl’s cheerleading coach, Carlie Christine, was the one who posed nude in a playboy centerfold.

Christine is also Playboy’s ‘cyber girl of the week.’

Parents and some students, who did not want to be identified, exposed the coach to school officials after rumors started slowly getting out that she had posed nude.

“I think it’s unacceptable. It’s not fair,” says Jamye Curtis.

What apparently uncovered the coach was when some girls didn’t make the cheerleading squad because they had a few unexcused absences from school. Their parents then made copies of Christine and dropped the pictures on the principal’s desk.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.
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8 responses to “Hot Cheerleading Coach Gets Fired Because Of Her Racy Extracurricular Activities!

  1. I couldn’t disagree more! You’re opinion that Beck should be given her job back is disturbing and reflects the moral decline of our country. Is it because you’re addicted to porn yourself or you were not raised by parents with integrity? And yes, this is porn. Beck’s a horrible role model and clearly clueless. It’s hilarious to think she expects to get her job back. Hello! I wouldn’t want my kids to be around such a morally bankrupt person like that. It’s clear she believes that a person’s value is based on physical appearances. Three cheers to the parent(s) with integrity and morals who reported her!

    Thanks for the idiotic personal attack on me! My opinion does not reflect “the moral decline of our country”,moron! I think that these mothers & their daughters acted as if they had no morals or integrity. Why would you give “three cheers” to a group of parents that exposed Carlie Beck for their own selfish reasons? They would never have questioned Carlie Beck’s background if she had bent the rules for their daughters!

    Here’s more from associated content:

    “Parents are shocked at the turn of events. Some support the coach, others support the school district’s decision to fire her. One parent, Sue Feather, said she felt sorry for Beck but believed that her fired was a good object lesson for her daughter that decisions follow one the rest of their life.

    Many students, according to, seem to find the firing unfair. Many were aware that the cheerleaders’ coach, Carlie Beck, was Carlie Christine and were indifferent to it. There was a general feeling that her personal life and her professional life were two different things and that as long as she kept her personal life separate from her cheerleading job, it should not have entered into the decision whether she should retain her position at all.

    Carlie Beck said she was disappointed with losing her cheerleading coach position but planned to continue modeling.

    Some parents believe the controversy and the firing were a result of disgruntled parents of cheerleaders who did not make the cheerleader squad this year. There are reports that it all began not with the parents but with vengeful cheerleaders who were cut from the squad because of unexcused absences. The girls made sure copies of Carlie Beck’s nude Playboy photos landed on the principal’s desk.

    Beck’s firing has touched off a debate over wrongful dismissal. The question most often asked is: Should a person be held accountable for what they do in their private lives as long as what they are doing is not illegal?

    Commenting on the article, albinotoad said, “It shouldn’t matter what she did before she was hired if she passed the employment screening and isn’t a sex offender.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

    They had no complaints about their cheerleading coach until she ticked them off. From all accounts,Carlie Christie was a good,professional cheerleading coach. She was not making sexual advances towards any of the students or doing anything else that was perverted.

    And since you think that cheerleading is not about physical appearance,here’s a little info on what it actually takes to become a cheerleader from

    Here is what Julie, the Raiderette, taught me:

    The age old rule that the pretty girls are cheerleaders still applies. You don’t have to be born “pretty” though. Appearance, attire, upkeep and confidence is what the coaches look for. A neat appearance and a clean uniform is essential at tryouts, on the field and at school. Keep hairspray and makeup with you and touch up often.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

    It’s clear that everyone involved in Carlie Christie’s firing “believes that a person’s value is based on physical appearance”. If you think that the cheerleading coach is “a horrible role model”,then you should really be concerned about these parents. They are teaching these kids how to act when you lose out on an opportunity. Wreak vengeance on the person who took that chance away from you. Even if that means abandoning all “morals & values” to do it!


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  4. muffonboy

    i think she should get her job back and charges should be made against the parents who I heard blackmailed her with the photos and the people who printed and BROUGHT PORN TO THE SCHOOL should be charged

  5. Cheryl

    Well guess what? Her spare time has become every other man on the planet’s spare time as well. I don’t consider being published in Playboy mag ONLY her “spare time”. Now I can understand sending racy pics of herself to her husband or boyfriend but for them to be published in a highly popular men’s adult magazine? Nahh she got what she deserved, especially since she had young ladies looking up to her who’s daddy’s may have a copy of that very magazine. What if they found their daddy’s mag and said OMG look! What would they think of her? And since this all came out , I’m sure they have already seen the pics but since she was fired, that was the best possible decision that the school board made.

  6. Johnathon

    Cheryl, Your just jealous because your not Playboy nor Cheerleader material!!!! GET OVER IT!!!

  7. al all

    why fire the coach let the boys come over and have fun with her

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