Sandra Cantu’s Killer May Be A Sunday School Teacher Named Melissa Huckaby!!


I was shocked to learn that it was a woman that got arrested for being Sandra Cantu’s killer! And that she was a Sunday school teacher. Sweet Jesus,what is the world coming to? Even worse,her 5 yr. old daughter was Sandra Cantu’s playmate.This lady was the last person to see Sandra Cantu alive.Not only that,she owned the suitcase that Sandra was found in.

Here’s more from KRON4:

Sunday School teacher Melissa Huckaby is now under arrest in connection with the kidnapping and murder of eight-year old Sandra Cantu.Tracy police arrested Huckaby just before midnight Friday night, just hours after going to police for a voluntary round of questioning.

Huckaby is the grand-daughter of Clover Lane Baptist Church Pastor Clifford Lawless. Investigators say she taught Sunday School at the church.Investigators say it appears Cantu was killed shortly after she disappeared from her family’s home. Police say the suitcase in which the little girl’s body was found belonged to Huckabee. The woman had told reporters the luggage was stolen from in front of her home. Police say that does not appear to be true.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

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9 responses to “Sandra Cantu’s Killer May Be A Sunday School Teacher Named Melissa Huckaby!!

  1. hally

    Horror-Melissa Huckaby, a 28 year old Sunday school teacher has been arrested in the murder of little Sandra Cantu!!!
    Click on the linkschool teacher has been arrested

  2. pak31

    Earlier in the week her name was mentioned as the owner of a car being searched. It struck me as odd right away, being that it was a woman’s car. I thought maybe another person, such as a man, had access to her car. It’s scary that a woman could do this and I almost feel bad that I was thinking it must have been commited by a male. I guess anything can happen. They say she’s a Sunday school teacher but many from the area said no one really went there. Seems strange.

  3. karen

    some readers have called this person a lady, i don’t consider anyone who kills a child anything but an evil person!!! i think people like that should be put to death the same way the child they killed is murdered!!!!!! WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT PEOPLE LIKE THIS. THEY DESERVE n o t h i n g!!!!!!! no food ,no warm place to sleep ,no cable, no N O T H I N G!!!!!! I AM SICK OF THIS . WE NEED TO GIVE EVERY ONE OF THEM THE DEATH PENALTY!!!!! NO WAITING!!!!

  4. Doc

    I don’t know why people are surprised when Christians arrested. Even if it’s a Sunday school teacher. They aren’t any different than anyone else. Seriously. Priest have been raping little boys for centuries. This doesn’t surprise me at all.

    Religion is a bad thing. You notice they never arrest atheists for this kind of heinous crime? This woman was obviously involved deeply in the church. She taught there, attended there and I think her dad or uncle is a pastor. Religion represses sexuality and sexuality becomes a hidden shameful thing.Then sexual feelings become perverted because they aren’t allowed to be expressed in a healthy manner. Think about it. Why have we suddenly started seeing women child killers and women serial killers in the past 30, 40 years? That’s how long women have been starting to experiment with sex before marriage. The more sex they have under a repressive system of religion the more ashamed and guilty they feel. If you feel perverted it’s easier to jump to actually acting like a pervert. That’s how many a pervert is created.

  5. PJ McGrevey

    Maybe the daughter somehow hurt Sandra . The mother maybe covering for her. What do you think?

  6. From The Author Of The Post,

    Sorry,PJ. But,if anything,Melissa Huckaby would probably be covering for her grandfather.He was the pastor at the church that she taught Sunday school at. I’m just wondering if she really is the only one responsible for this crime. Any other theories out there?

  7. Doc

    Police are saying they don’t expect to make any more arrests.

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