Rush Limbaugh Is “Anal Poison”!

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Rush Limbaugh should be likened to a filthy pig in the slop.He is hideous both on the inside & the out.And he is the polar opposite of his nemesis,President Barack Obama,in every single way.He is so far away from being even remotely human that it’s not even funny.In fact,this man embodies the worst of America. He fits every negative description of an American that you could possibly imagine. You see,Rush Limbaugh is the perfect example of everything that is wrong with our country! He is greedy,obese,obscene,immoral, & downright ignorant!

Rush Limbaugh is worried that Gordon Brown might get “anal poisoning” from liking America’s president too much.Well,I’d like to tell this anarchist named Rush Limbaugh that he is anal poison.That’s why Gov. Paterson could care less about your bitching & moaning about the millionaire’s tax.He’s glad that you are leaving New York because you hate this tax.It’s too bad that the tax didn’t make Rush Limbaugh leave the entire country.

Because with “patriots” like Rush Limbaugh,America will continue to get “anal poisoning”.Denigrating the president no matter if he does good or bad is poisonous to our country.I supported George Bush until it was obvious that he lied about weapons of mass destruction.That’s freakin’ serious!The leader of America lied to Americans¬† so that he could thrust us into a war with Iraq! That was the time to revolt against the government! But,Rush Limbaugh & his followers were not outraged by that.

Why so much vitriol for a president that has barely been in office for 4 months? Some people just seem to be determined to not support President Obama no matter what he does!Rush Limbaugh ought to be ashamed of himself,but he’s a sociopath that has no soul.Anyone who is out there professing their love for America should have been protesting George Bush.But,we all know that Rush Limbaugh is good friends with the Bush family. So, Rush Limbaugh kept his silence while the country got screwed over.

Rush Limbaugh failed to scrutinize & criticize George Bush. And the damage that Bush did to America should have been pointed out by every individual in the media. Instead,Rush Limbaugh defended George Bush, whether he was right or wrong!How despicable is that!

I have no respect for you or your opinion if you have been silent for the past 8 yrs. & suddenly you have found your voice when Barack Obama became president.Now that everything is screwed up,people want to revolt & speak out.The hypocrisy is amazingly grotesque to me!

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. zunedita373

    Man, those JibJab guys crack me up.

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