I Loved SNL’S Parody Of Angelina Jolie & Madonna’s Adoption Addictions!

I guess some rich women have run out of interesting things to buy.We know that a lot of wealthy women have shopping addictions.Now,I think that a few of them have become addicted to what seems to be the latest Hollywood craze!Angelina Jolie & Madonna are the front runners in the quest to adopt a foreign baby.They have no desire to take an American baby in need & give them a better life.

Why is it that they feel so compelled to adopt babies from faraway lands? I think that SNL’s skit was pretty accurate in their depiction of the way these ladies think. These babies are like exotic creatures to them.Some women are dying to own the latest fashions.And adopting babies is quite trendy right now. I worry that some of these foreign adoptions are being initiated for the wrong reasons,though. And I’m not alone.

In fact,the author of this article from Associated Content believes that it is a cruel joke for celebrities to adopt from foreign countries:

Celebrities who adopt foreign children assume a few things about themselves. First, it’s a huge ego trip. Adoption is like one big Nietzsche-style charity.

Adopting a child provides these feelings for a celebrity: superiority, willfulness, godliness, and cultural imperialism.”

And even though that adoption was meant to be an act of goodness, the native culture of the adopted child may have been caused serious harm by that act. Adoption of foreign children could be considered a form of international humiliation. Call it crass cultural imperialism. Imagine if a celebrity from another country came to America and adopted one of our children. What would our response be? I imagine people would find it repulsive and strange.

After a foreign child has been adopted, the celebrity can sit back and say “What a benefit I have made to the world!” This attitude contains a self-important subtext. As far as the actual benefits to the “world” that a celebrity has made, most of the time, they have simply acted in a few decent movies or are a musician. “(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

And here’s the very real & serious downside to foreign adoption from Foreign Policy:

Following a dream: When celebrities adopt children abroad, as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt did from the Tam Binh orphanage in Vietnam, their story fits the narrative of adoption we all know: There are countless orphans in the world looking for families. Yet many of these children are not orphans at all. The U.S. State Department recently issued this warning about Tu Du Hospital, the facility that feeds into Tam Binh orphanage: “Tu Du Hospital’s policy [is] to document all children as desertion cases regardless of the actual circumstances leading to their being made available for intercountry adoption.

Home away from home: If they are not orphans, how do so many children end up ready to be adopted abroad? In the worst cases, children are taken from parents or extended families—by force, coercion, or monetary persuasion. Guatemala is the most notorious example; the clandestine orphanage seen here is one of many throughout the country where Guatemalan authorities have found dozens of kidnapped children. The incentive is financial: Because prospective parents pay hefty sums to adopt, a child-capturer’s fee is far higher than a laborer’s average annual income.

From every corner: Guatemala is not alone: Every year, children from Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Eastern Europe head to Western families by way of adoption agencies and private lawyers. In South Africa, more and more children of HIV-positive parents are being signed over to orphanages like this one. In 2007, the country sent more than 100 children abroad, most to Scandinavian countries.

Children of conflict: It’s easy to see why the myth of the adoption trade sells. Many children, like these boys in a Liberian orphanage, come from backgrounds of poverty and conflict. Since the war in Liberia ended several years ago, the country has become a popular adoption spot where orphanages “recruit” children from families for adoption abroad. In response to a growing number of suspicious cases, the Liberian government is now reviewing its adoption policies.”

Help needed: Although orphans certainly do exist in the countries from which foreign adoption is most popular, perhaps the children in the greatest need are in a place where the arms of prospective parents cannot reach.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

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