Our First Lady Has Swept The British Right Off Of Their Feet! They Are Stark, Raving Mad For Her!

Michelle Obama is the perfect mate for President Obama.They must have really had Cupid on their side because the love between them is so evident.This couple is truly fascinating.Most Americans are happy to have them represent us at the G20.And they’ve made quite a splash across the pond as well.Especially Michelle Obama. Even her supposed “breach of protocol” was received well. Here’s more on that from the Times Online UK:

“When Michelle Obama put her arm round the Queen at Buckingham Palace, some of the more excitable elements of the media – particularly the Americans – suggested she may have been guilty of a breach of protocol.

They missed the real story, however. What was far more interesting was that the Queen put her arm round the First Lady.

It is less than 20 years ago that the Australian Prime Minister was branded “the Lizard of Oz” for committing the supposedly heinous crime of putting his hand on the Queen’s back during an official tour of Australia.

Now the Queen is not just putting up with physical gestures of affection from a woman she has only just met, but is reciprocating with one of her own.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

Our First Lady has really made the British take notice of American royalty! She makes women of every color & age feel both in awe and inspired! An elegant intellectual beauty is such a rarity! That’s why so many people are taken with Michelle Obama. Here’s more from BBC News:

In the UK on her first visit as First Lady, Michelle Obama seems to be making just as big an impact.

She has attracted as much interest and column inches as her husband on this London trip; creating a buzz with her dazzling outfits, her own schedule of events and her own fanbase.

Outside London trip, as crowds gathered in anticipation of the Obamas’ arrival, Mrs Obama’s star appeal was apparent.

Rebecca Smith, from Leicester, was one of the hundreds of people waiting to catch a glimpse of the First Couple.

“She seems to be a good role model. A strong, intelligent woman. I think she’ll go down very well here. People have warmed to the Obamas. I don’t think you’d see this crowd for many other dignitaries,” she said.

“Michelle Obama has a strong aura about her, a bit like Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis,” she added.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

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