The Irish PM Brian Cowen On Teleprompters:”Who said these things were idiot-proof?”

President Obama loves to use teleprompters. Leos really are cowardly when it comes to imperfection. We are frightened to death of making a mistake. That’s why he always has a prepared speech in front of him.

President Obama learned that being scripted does not always guarantee  a gaffe free speech. Both Obama & the Irish PM got tripped up when they read the teleprompter. Brian Cowen delivered President Obama’s speech instead of his own.And then, President Obama said part of Brian Cowen’s speech. Sometimes, it’s better to let your words flow naturally.

Here’s more on this funny gaffes from the Times Online:

Brian Cowen’s critics might say that they’ve heard all of his speeches before. Last night, they would have been right.

As the Irish Taoiseach delivered his St Patrick’s Day speech at a White House dinner party, it emerged that he was accidentally reading off the teleprompter one made by President Obama only minutes earlier.

“We begin by welcoming today a strong friend of the United States,” he began and continued in that vein for about 20 seconds before – realising he was experiencing more than the usual case of déjà vu – he looked back at the US President and said: “That’s your speech!”

Gesturing at the teleprompter, he said: “Why don’t these things work for me? Who said these things were idiot-proof?”

Mr Obama is becoming known as the ‘teleprompter president’ for his excessive use of the prompting screens, which retract when speeches are finished.

Although used for more than half a century, the device was previously employed mainly for set-piece speeches. The current President, however, often uses them for making small introductory statements at the beginning of press conferences.

On this occasion, as a laughing Mr Obama returned to the podium, the script was belatedly switched over to the Taoiseach’s text – leaving Mr Obama inadvertently thanking himself for inviting everyone, to further laughter. “First, I’d like to say thank you to President Obama!” the President said.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.


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