Kelly Clarkson:An American Idol That Pees In The Shower!

ryan051.jpg Peeing Girl picture by ryanrickenbach

Kelly Clarkson says that anyone who says that they don’t pee in the shower is lying.What kind of people does she know? I use the toilet to urinate,thank you very much!All I can say is that you can take the trash out of the trailer. But you can’t take the trailer out of the trash! And Kelly Clarkson sounds just like trailer trash. Now when I look at her,I’m going to think of a golden shower! Thanks for sharing that very disgusting piece of info,Kelly! Here’s more on this gross chick from OK! Magazine:

Here’s an interesting little fact about Kelly Clarkson for all you trivia fans out there: she’s a bit gross.

In a new interview, the American Idol winner admits to both peeing in the shower and checking the tissue to see what color her snot is!

When Blender magazine quizzed Kelly on whether she feels that washing and urinating are best done separately, she told them: “Anybody who says they don’t [pee in the shower] is lying.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

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