The Scrumptious George Clooney Is Using His Celebrity Status To Shed Light On The Crisis In Darfur!

George Clooney is such an elegant gentleman & a fine actor! But,he is also a philanthropist & an activist.Clooney is not just another superficial,shallow thespian who can only function if they have a script in their hand. George Clooney realizes just how important his celebrity status is.And he is using it to shed light on the crisis in Darfur,which proves to me that his inner self is just as lovely as his outward appearance! I wish there were more actors like him! Here’s more from The Christian Science Monitor:

“After touring Darfur refugee camps in eastern Chad last week, Hollywood heartthrob and two-time “sexiest man alive” George Clooney met separately with both President Obama and Vice President Biden on Monday night.

Mr. Clooney says he urged the two to seize the opportunity for Darfur peace that he says could arise with the International Criminal Court’s decision next week on whether to issue an arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on war crimes charges. (Read Monitor Africa Bureau Chief Scott Baldauf’s story on Mr. Bashir’s efforts to gain diplomatic support.)

Clooney then told reporters that Mr. Obama would appoint high-level, full-time envoy to Darfur.

Later, Clooney appeared on CNN’s Larry King Live, pointing out that he’d worked with Obama on Darfur three years ago and that Mr. Biden “has been very vocal on the issue.”

Clooney said of his conversations with Obama and Biden: “Basically, we were just talking about coming back from Chad and right on the border of Darfur. And we were talking about there’s a moment coming up relatively soon – probably by the middle of next week – where the International Criminal Court is going to indict the president of Sudan for war crimes, which has never happened before – a sitting president.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

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