Sean Penn:The Gentle Lion Finally Gets His Oscar!

Wow,Sean Penn sure has mellowed out over time.He no longer seems to be seething with rage.In fact,Sean Penn himself even said that he used to be a difficult person to like.And some folks still can’t stand him because he stands up for what he believes & his political antics drive so many folks mad. How many times has he met with Hugo Chavez again?

So, I think that Sean Penn was born to play Harvey Milk.Despite his tough guy image,he played the part of a tender,gay politician to the hilt! And I’m sure that he was able to draw on one similarity between himself & Harvey Milk.Sean Penn has the fortitude to stand firm in his beliefs,just like Harvey Milk did.And I respect him for not giving a damn whether you or I like his political views or not! Sean Penn used to be a ferocious lion.But now,the older,gentler lion finally gets his Oscar!

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