Happy President’s Day! See What Folks Are Saying About President Obama’s Job Performance So Far!

Barack Obama appoints team to 'save' car industry

President Obama has a humongous job that he has to tackle over the next four years. Politcal pundits & commentators have blasted him for not having done enough & he hasn’t even been in office over a month! Even though he placed a high standard on his own administration,that does not mean that he promised perfection. I think some folks are having trouble differentiating between striving to achieve perfection & being perfect! Here’s what everyday people from Georgia think about President Obama’s job performance so far:

Carl Collins of Columbus is a 61-year-old disabled construction worker who supported John McCain.

“I think President Obama is trying to do a good job, but he’s got a lot ahead of him,” said Collins. “He’s working hard but he has to get the Senate and House behind him.”

Collins said “getting people back to work” has to be Obama’s main cause. That said, Collins isn’t a big fan of the bailouts that the president is pushing.

“I think it’s just throwing good money after bad,” he said. “Let some of those car companies go bankrupt and just start over.”

He said time will tell about Obama: “It’s going to take years to get the economy going.”

Pat Voisine used to work at Marvin’s Market in Columbus. Now disabled, she stays at the Ralston.

“He’s too inexperienced,” she said of the president. “He may be trying to do too much too fast. I’m afraid he’ll fall flat on his face. I hope not.”

She believes people may be expecting too much. “He’s just one man,” she said.

And as far as bailouts go, she laughed and said she was going to e-mail the president. “I want one,” she said.

Charlie Griffin, 33, is a computer programmer who voted for McCain. He said three weeks is not enough time to judge Obama or predict how he will do.

“It’s really hard to tell much about the man,” Griffin said. “I think he has good intentions and is working hard. He has made a lot of promises, but all politicians do.”

Griffin said he is disappointed that Obama, who has come down hard on lobbyists, “has two in his cabinet.”

Keith Hicks, 52, is a Columbus truck driver. He believes Obama is on the right track for getting the economy going but may have to compromise to get what he wants.

He has good intentions,” said Hicks, “and isn’t just sitting back thinking about the problems. He’s doing something. Whether any of it’s going to work, well, that’s wait and see.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

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