Senator Roland Burris Was At War With The “Liberal” Media At His Press Conference Today!

I thought that the liberal media only went after poor republicans like Sarah Palin. Well,if that was true,it sure isn’t anymore.Did you witness the press conference that Sen. Roland Burris held today? The media seemed to be unable to contain their anger & cynicism whenever they asked a question. Many of the journalists  had derisive tones in their voices & they were being totally condescending! Sen.Burris was a perjurer in their eyes,no matter what he said! It was the most uncivilized press conference that I had ever seen! Poor Sen. Burris could barely keep his composure while the reporters tried to nail him to the podium!

Some of the irritation may be due to the fact that the media feels that there isn’t enough transparency in the current administration.Another Democrat was being evasive & they were fed up with that! Sen. Roland Burris is right about partisan politics being a factor in this new scandal,though! That’s why he should have came forward with any information that could be used against him.Because the Republicans are looking to pounce on any & everything that the Democrats do! Transparency is key for both parties! And it’s something that neither party has ever achieved.

So far,it does not look like it will be any different this time around! President Obama can only change so much. He really would be the “SuperChanger” if he could make bipartisanship more than just a Utopian dream!

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