Both A Brit & An American Helped Shape Modern Thinking!

Happy birthday to two 19th century fellows that brought in a new way of thinking. In the book “Angels and Ages: A Short Book About Darwin,Lincoln, & Modern Life“, author Adam Gopnik illustrates how two great minds helped shape the thinking of modern-day Western society. Charles Darwin & Abraham Lincoln shared more than a birthday. One of their other commonalities is the main focus of this book. They both were extremely gifted intellectuals that left their mark on the world. One was a Brit whose theory of evolution is the subject of great debate & has influenced the way modern human beings approach science. The other was an American who is known as “The Great Emancipator” & as the man who was quite crafty with words! Here’s more on this book from Time:

Much has been made in recent weeks of the shared birthday of Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin, two juggernauts not only of their own age, but of all the years since. New Yorker writer Adam Gopnik explores their legacies in this book-length series of essays, focusing on their abilities as writers and thinkers of the highest caliber. As Gopnik writes, “Literary eloquence is essential to liberal civilization; our heroes should be men and women possessed by the urgency of utterance.” With their adherence to logic and observation, and devotion to thoughtful expression, Lincoln and Darwin — in addition to everything else they accomplished — helped kickstart the engine of the modern age.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

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