When Representative Walden Asked The Peanut Butter Execs To Eat Salmonella-Laced Products,They Pleaded The Fifth!

The U.S. Constitution can work for everyone in this country. The weasels at the Peanut Butter Corporation are well aware of that. So,they plead the Fifth on every single question that Rep. Greg Walden asked them. Even when they were asked if they would eat any of those products that are contaminated with salmonella! That speaks to their guilt & knowledge of what they were doing right there!

Where is the remorse & sorrow about the illness & death that they are responsible for? Because they didn’t want to suffer a loss,these men sent out contaminated peanut butter that gave people salmonella poisoning.They should have been forced to eat it! That would really be a fitting punishment!

All of these men appeared to be nervous about their own futures.It’s all about self-preservation for these inhuman creatures.They are evoking their Fifth Amendment right when it comes to answering basic questions about what they knew & when they knew it! They are lucky that they are in America.If this were China,they would have a lot more to be worried about.Here’s more on that from 8Asians.com:

“If you’ve been watching the news at all lately you already know that the Chinese government has sentenced to death those responsible for the milk contamination that caused the death of Chinese babies and sickened thousands more. And if you’ve been watching the U.S. news you know that the U.S. government just found out that the Georgia firm that sold salmonella tainted peanut butter did so knowingly 12 times in the past year.There’s still debate about whether or not there’s even a criminal violation in the U.S. case, but in China the government vowed to prosecute from the beginning. My dad used to talk about the difference between Western culture and Asian culture and he described it as the difference between right brain thinking and left brain thinking. For the Chinese there was no doubt that poisoning milk was a criminal act, for Americans it’s not so clear cut. My guess is in the U.S., the execs involved will get no more than a slap on the hand and possibly fired for their actions, and as someone else mentioned, we in the U.S. will forget all about this in a year.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest by going here.

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