Octupulet Mom Looks Like She’s Had Bad Plastic Surgery!

So,the unemployed, single octupulet mom can’t provide for her 14 kids. Even her own mother said that she wonders how her daughter will be able to afford them. But,she’s got a plan.And that’s to become one of those experts that you see on television.Because she got herself implanted with embryos, that does not make her the go-to person for child-rearing advice. That just shows you how demented she is.Apparently,she’s gotten herself a publicist & the whole she-bang! Time to sell her story to the highest bidder! Here’s more on the banged-up version of Angelina Jolie from The Dish Rag:

Nadya Suleman, the mother of those eight tiny in vitro-created babies, is waiting for the right price for her first interview.And yes, we’re talking millions.The mother of 14 kids is asking for $2 million for her octuplets story.Oh, and she would also like a TV career as a child-care expert.Wow. How about scam artist instead?The divorced working mom lives in her parents’ three-bedroom house in Whittier, Calif.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

Where is Child Protective Services in all of this? The doctor is being investigated that administered these fertility treatments. This woman should be looked at by CPS to make sure that she is capable of taking care of these premature babies. How pathetic & selfish is Nadya Suleman? It’s being reported that she was not providing any financial support for her 6 kids. All 14 kids are going to stay with her mom. Her mother complained about it on national television & said that what her daughter did was “unconscionable“. Who would put all of those kids off on their mother & then bring home 8 more? I would have to agree with her Angela Suleman’s assessments about her daughter.

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5 responses to “Octupulet Mom Looks Like She’s Had Bad Plastic Surgery!

  1. THis is what I thinkI wish the children well. As for the mother, she is one of the most irresponsible people I have ever heard from, and I really wonder how mouch her parent have raised the six she already has. Frankly, I really hope that children’s services takes them all away,and forbids her to have any more. Why should the tax money that I have busted my rear for go to pay for someone else’s brats? And how terribly disabled can she really be if she has managed to have 14 children?Most disability are for physical reason, and carrying babies car be very difficult on the body

  2. Kristina

    Is what she did stupid? Yes. However, taking her kids away would be a worse action, (unless they’re being physically or sexually abused).

    How do I know this? I had my kid taken away from Social Services after my child died of SIDS. I did nothing wrong, but they wanted him out of the home during the investigation. He, (along with us), was absolutely devastated. We’re still dealing with his emotional problems even now, (despite being back in our custody).

    And I really get tired of the taxpayer argument. The money is going to go out anyway, whether it’s to her or a foster parent. So, if it has to be spent, I’d rather it go towards her… in the form of an education so she can get a job.

    Ultimately, people need to stop looking at her and start remembering there’s innocent kids involved. And separating them from their mother because YOU think she’s irresponsible is just wrong. Are you a perfect parent? Do you have a $200,000 in your bank account… because that’s what a lot of people say you need to raise even 1 child. If not, you’re not in a position to judge.

    But let me clarify, I’m NOT condoning her actions. However, I also don’t think she’s the Devil either, as many people are making her out to be. Misguided and ignorant yes, but not the devil.

  3. lpbrn

    1. Anyone “tired of the taxpayer argument” can pay all my taxes for me and I won’t use that argument again………until then, I am tired of supporting deadbeats and people like this nut case with her 14 kids. I would love to retire….but, my house taxes right now (past due) are almost $6000…..my medical insurance is $363 a month….my utilities (even though I sit in the dark, without heat on, and everything I can turn off is off) hitting $300 a month….then there is auto insurance, food, lawn care, house maintenance, auto maintenance…..I guess I will drop dead running up and down some hospital hall doing 12 hr shifts because I need to support leeches that have decided they don’t want to earn their living…that everybody “owes” them something just for breathing air.
    2. Where is Children & family Services? Do they have a plan? I mean, do I not pay for having Children & Family Services to manage this sort of business? Why have they not added their two cents worth to this freakish case? Take the children. Give them to responsible families. Make this deadbeat mom get a JOB (OMG a JOB?!?!). Make this deadbeat mom EARN the right to have these children returned to her one at a time as she can show SHE can support them (not the taxpayers)….she can pay for medical care/insurance, she can privide housing and food and clothing and can send them to school….one at a time. Maybe after she has WORKED for a living for awhile without food stamps, and disability, and student loans and her mom and dad, and handouts from everyone…then maybe she will get that she screwed up and maybe she will concede these children deserve better than what she has planned for them (a life with an Angelina Jolie wanna-be, Reality TV star wanna-be, Porn Star wanna-be)….she’s mentally ill. Stop encouraging this woman….she’s liable to get it in her head to have another brood!
    This woman is mentally ill….she needs psychiatric help……………………..save the children for goodness sake.
    I have worked with a lot of mentally ill moms that have one child after another, after another…..pretty soon they are spread out all over the community…damaged for life…..I do not understand anyone siding with this woman…..she has already done a lot of damage to a lot of people….we just can’t see all the damage yet.

    I do not want this woman to be in a reality TV show……anyone that watches it is aiding her to do damage to these children…..I don’t want TV shows interviewing her….it just encourages her to do more stupid stuff…….I want her locked up and getting some treatment….for goodness sake don’t let her experiment on these children.

    As for me…I wanted more children….but, when I saw what it took to have 1 child, feed him, medical insurance, school, etc…I realized they aren’t cheap! They are a lifelong commitment….so, I chose to foster children…and fostered 9 children…9 very damaged children….from kooks like Suleman…everyday a struggle for them…….She knew she could not afford the children she already had….yet, chose to have 8 more…..I just am not feeling much for her past contempt….for what she has done to all.

  4. haha, Angelina is so wild! I love her.

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