The Upcoming Book “Manhattan Madam”!

These are going to be some real sordid tales of “Sex In The City“! The infamous N.Y. madam,Kristin Davis has compiled them all into a book,”Manhattan Madam“! Now, I think it’s unfair that she went to jail & the guys that may have used corporate credit cards for sex were not even investigated. The tricks who patronized her business ought to have their name dragged through the mud. Since those who prosecuted her didn’t care to do it, Kristin Davis is putting some of those names out there. Here’s more from ABC News:

“Some of these guys, I was invoicing on corporate credit cards,” she said. “I was writing up monthly bills for computer consulting, construction expenses, all of these things, I was invoicing them monthly so they could get it by their accountants,” Davis said.

A spokesperson said district attorney Robert Morgenthau had “no comment” on the handling of Davis’ case or her allegations.

Davis provided ABC News with a print-out of her computerized client list, the same one she says that was offered to the district attorney.

The document shows Davis kept meticulous notes about her clients, their credit card numbers and mobile phone numbers. (End of First Excerpt)

“Some of the men contacted by ABC News denied they used their corporate cards, and ABC News could not independently confirm if the credit card numbers listed were corporate accounts.

Watch the story tonight on 20/20 at 10 p.m. ET

Davis says one CEO ordered her to send him invoices for “roof repair on a warehouse” to disguise the payment for prostitutes from corporate funds.

That is fraud,” said former New York prosecutor Sid Baumgarten, who told 20/20 the district attorney should have investigated the men.

Not necessarily just for the patronizing but for the use of these business records and credit cards to see what kind of fraud or tax fraud was being used. And if so, that is a major offense,” Baumgarten said.

When ABC News contacted that CEO, he said he used his corporate card to pay for the escort service to entertain clients, but that there was no sex involved.

Davis operated her escort service as a prostitution conglomerate, with five different “brands” over a four year period, each with its own “price point” and websites.

At the high end was an escort service called Carlyle Trust, mimicking the name, but not connected in any way, to a prestigious investment firm. Davis said she recruited top fashion models who charged up to $2,000 an hour for clients of Carlyle Trust.

Her lower cost services charged $400 an hour for a “body rub,” she said.

The “best little whorehouse on Wall Street” was located just a few blocks from the New York Stock Exchange, in apartment 3A at 136 William Street.

Davis operated three other “in-call” locations in the mid-town area of Manhattan.

The escort business took in as much as $200,000 a week, Davis estimated.

But it came to a screeching halt last year in the crackdown that followed the revelation that then-New York Governor Eliot Spitzer was client #9 of a rival escort service.

In a book to be released Feb. 6, “Manhattan Madam,” Davis claims Spitzer had earlier been a client of her service but was banned because of his aggressive behavior trying to get girls to have unprotected sex with him.

Manhattan psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert, who works with many Wall Street clients, told ABC News that many of his clients who patronize escort services are accustomed to high risks and high stakes on the job, and seeing a prostitute, especially if one is married, provides the same rush. “You’re playing with fire…it’s part of the culture of Wall Street. A lot of drugs, cocaine use, fast times, sex–it’s part of the culture.” (End of Second Excerpt) Read the entire article here.

I mean, you’d have to be coke’d out to pay Kristin Davis for sex. She looks like a bad transsexual. Is that pendant on her necklace an upside down cross? Wow, she looks satanic,not sexy! And those have to be some of the worst breast implants I have ever seen! She must be really good at what she does because she sure is an eye sore! Yuck!

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  1. banzai7

    (Jargon used in the financial/sexual industrial complex)
    Collected by WilliamBanzai7

    ALL NIGHT MAN: One who goes to the printers often.

    ALT A: An angle of approach.

    ANALYST: John who talks too much.

    ARB: One who exploits price differentials for services at different venues.

    ASSET CLASS: Quality of lady.

    BAILOUT: Session on credit.

    BARBARIAN: Client employed in Private equity industry.

    BARBARIAN AT THE GATE: Private equity CEO soliciting services.

    BARE TRADER: One who does not use a condom.

    BASH AND DASH: A quickie

    BIG BOARD: Internet site frequented by Johns.

    BIG UGLIES: Bankers over 50

    BILLABLE HOURS: Client time

    BLACK BOX: Proprietary tricks of the trade.

    BOILER-ROOM: Internet call girl operation.

    BULL RUN: Doing it with Viagra

    BEAR RUN: Doing it without Viagra

    BOUTIQUE SERVICE: Specialized services

    CABBAGE STAINS & MORE LLP: Prominent Wall Street law firm advocating flat fee billing.

    CALL DATE: An appointment.

    CAR SERVICE: Session in a limousine.

    CDS: Creamy delicious sex

    CLOSING BELL: Close of session

    COMMODE: In suite toilet.

    COMPOUNDING: Multiple partners in one session

    CROWN JEWELS: Genitalia

    DAY TRADER: Client who only books in the afternoons.

    DEAD BEAT: Banker from a bailed out firm.

    DEAD CAT BOUNCE: Getting it up at the end of a session.

    DEPRECIATING ASSET: Effects of aging

    DERIVATIVE TRADING: Exchanging clients.

    DOWN-TICK: Unaroused

    EXOTIC OPTION: Special services.

    FIDUCIARY DUTY: Code of silence (imagined just like in Boardrooms)

    FIRM COMMITMENT UNDERWRITING: Firm paying the bill.

    FLIP OVER: Both sides

    GOLDEN PARACHUTE: Designer condom

    GOING DOWNTOWN: Off to a session.

    HEDGING: Arranging two call dates on the same day.

    GOING TO THE PRINTERS: An all night session.

    GOLDEN HANDCUFFS: Popular accessory

    GREEN MAIL: Banker blackmail

    HOSTILE BID: Competing bid for an appointment.

    INFLATED ASSETS: Silicon enhancement.

    JOHN: Client; also a well known former CEO of a well known investment bank.

    LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2, LEVEL 3: Service strata

    LOCK UP AGREEMENT: Exclusive use of a girl.

    LUNCH OUT: Lunch session

    MILLE HIGH CLUB: Girls who have done tricks on French built corporate aircraft.

    NAKED SHORT: Elliot Spitzer

    OFFSHORE TRANSACTION: Out of country session

    ONE STOP SHOP: Full service provider as in universal bank.

    OPENING BELL: Start of session

    OUTLIER or BLACK SWAN EVENT: Deviant sexual behaviour

    OUT OF THE BOX: Sex without penetration.

    PIMP: Wall Street headhunter

    POISON PILL: Counterfeit Viagra

    PONZI SCHEME: Using client money to pay for services.

    PRIME RATE: Highest fee payable.

    PRO BONO: Without charge

    OTC: Over the counter

    PINK SHEETS: Back section of Village Voice.

    RATING: Bust size (DD, DDD etc.)

    RATING AGENCY: Call girl operation.

    RISK FACTORS: Everyone has his or her own.

    ROAD SHOW: Taking the girls out on the town.

    SECURITIZATION: issuing false credit card invoices for sexual services.

    SMITH BARNEY: Client that likes “doing it the old fashioned way.”

    SPREAD: Difference between bid and asked prices.

    STANDARD DEVIATION: Normal sexual behaviour.

    STREET NAME: Alias identity

    THE STREET: 8th Avenue; address of Cabbage Stains & More LLP HQ

    SUB-PRIME DEALER: Street Pimp

    TIME SHEETS: Daily tally of Billable hours

    2/20: Performance based fee arrangement.

    TOP UP: Extra time

    TRADING BOOK: Madam’s list of clients.

    TRADING ROOM: S&M lair

    UP-SELL: Renegotiating price mid transaction.

    UPTICK: Aroused

    USEFUL LIFE: 30 minus age of call girl.

    WATER SPORTS: Service provided on client’s yacht.

    WHITE NIGHT: Client who becomes spouse.

    ZOMBIE: Banker from bankrupted firm.

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