Even Though Christian Bale Is British,He Sure Sounds Like An “American Psycho”!

Oh,my goodness! Most of the British folk that I’ve met pride themselves on their manners & perfect etiquette. Americans are the ones who are uncouth & unruly,not the Brits. Well, once you’ve heard Christian Bale erupt like a volcano on a movie set,you will see why they picked a British actor to portray an “American Psycho“! Here’s more from The Chicago Tribune:

Batman actor, Christian Bale is the focus of a newly surfaced audio in which he engages in a long, profanity-laced verbal freak out to cinematographer Shane Hurlbut. Bale also lashed at anyone who tried to calm him down on the set of ” Terminator Salvation,” the upcoming movie in which he is starring.

The Web site TMZ.com first posted the three-minute freak out on Monday and has become a viral sensation on the Internet. Bale’s rant has even spawned a dance music remix of the audio tape.

In it, the actor who portrayed in “The Dark Knight” rails against cinematographer Hurlbut for apparently walking behind co-star Bryce Dallas Howard and through Bale’s line of sight, considered a film-set foul.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here.

And I bet you thought making movies was fun! This sounds like workplace terror instead of just workplace drama! What the hell crawled up Christian Bale’s ass? I have to commend the cinematographer that was getting totally debased by Bale for not slapping the shit out of him! Maybe he was terrified of losing his job. Or just terrified period! This kind of behavior is completely unacceptable in any workplace. How far removed from human emotion is Christian Bale?

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2 responses to “Even Though Christian Bale Is British,He Sure Sounds Like An “American Psycho”!

  1. Actors are super sensitive about line of sight distractions when they are performing. If the light guy was a pro, he would know that.

    Artists are a really tempermental and high strung bunch, it helps them in their work. Its not the same as if Christian Bale was lighting up the mailroom guy about being out of photocopy toner. He’s taking a beating over this, I could empathize if he was going off because they brought him grape jelly instead of strawberry jelly donuts.

    If you work on a movie set and violate the line of sight rule, it’s always going to be a big deal.

  2. jim182

    I’m sorry but there’s nothing “professional” about Bales behavior.

    If a life were on the line or there was the possibility of grave injury, then possibly such a display of temper might be forgivable. That was not the case.

    This was an example of a sub-ordinate making a mistake and being jumped on by an egotistical bully. Bale was picking on somebody who could not fight back.

    Celebrities “make believe” for the purpose of entertainment. Their actual worthlessness and their total disconnect from normal society drives many of them to become hyper-defensive and totally self centered.

    Maybe if somebody- anybody- had just told Bale that he was an ill tempered cry baby and not a mature man, he would act like one.

    Now I gotta rent “EMPIRE OF THE SUN” to watch the former Chinese nanny slap Bale’s character for his being such a spoiled turd.

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