FBI Agents Found 27 Stolen NY Giants Super Bowl Rings!

The Giants Super Bowl rings, valued at more than $170,000, were found in a Saugus safe deposit box after a search warrant was issued. 

 And I bet these crooks really thought that they had pulled off the perfect heist back in June! FBI agents have found 27 New York Giants Super Bowl rings that were worth $172,000. I hope it was worth it for the three people that got arrested. Here’s more from The Boston Herald:

State police and FBI agents found 27 New York Giants Super Bowl rings in a Saugus safety deposit box yesterday that had been ripped off during a bold June heist.

Three people have been charged with receiving stolen property connected to that theft of the rings – intended for the Giants support staff – from Attleboro jeweler E.A. Dion, where crooks cut a hole in the roof and finagled a 1,000-plus-pound safe filled with $2 million in valuables out of the building.

The 27 rings recovered yesterday were estimated at $172,000, about $6,400 per ring.

Police said the break in the case came Friday, when state police served warrants and rounded up three people: Sean Murphy, 44, and Kristen Sullivan, 22, both of Lynn, and Rikkile Brown, 21, of Peabody. Several stolen items were recovered from Murphy’s home, including an unfinished New York Giants Super Bowl ring.

The three were charged with receiving stolen property over $250. Sullivan and Brown were released on bail while Murphy was held because of a pending case of domestic assault and distribution of marijuana charge.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here: http://news.bostonherald.com/news/regional/view/2009_01_28_3_nabbed_in__172G_Super_Bowl_ring_heist/srvc=home&position=4

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