Iraq Might Finally Become A Democracy!


 George Bush said that he wanted democracy in Iraq.That would be wonderful if that were the case since so many soldiers have died fighting for that very reason. So,is democracy finally starting to take hold in Iraq? That is what some are wondering after millions of Iraqis showed up to vote in the first election since 2005. Here’s more from the Telegraph:

“Prime minister Nouri al-Maliki hailed what he said looked like an enthusiastic turnout and called for Iraqis to cast their votes.

Hopes are high that the election will show extremists have been losing ground and that democracy is starting to take root.

It is hoped that Saturday’s vote will be starkly different to 2005 when Sunnis largely boycotted the first election held since the fall of Saddam Hussein and extremist Shia parties did well.

Although today’s election is for power at a local level in 14 of Iraq’s 18 provinces, it is also expected to be a referendum on Mr al-Maliki’s leadership with candidates supporting him expected to do well.

The prime minister said: “I am very happy today because all our information shows that we are going to see a large participation in the vote by Iraqis.

This is a victory for all the Iraqis. I call on all my Iraqi brothers and sisters to vote.”(End of Excerpt) Read the rest here: (

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