Former Pastor Ted Haggard: The Skeletons Just Keep Coming Out Of The Closet!

Ted Haggard was trying to present himself as a Christian leader who upholds family tradition & values. But in reality, there is nothing conservative about him except his religious jargon. He loves butt & oral sex,& he’s a speed demon! Who knew that Ted Haggard was such a freak! It really wouldn’t matter what he did if he wasn’t preaching against his own preferred lifestyle.What a hypocrite! Anyway,someone has made a movie that documents his downfall.Here’s more from SF Gate:

“It will be impossible for many not to feel at least some schadenfreude watching the new HBO documentary “The Trials of Ted Haggard” that premieres Thursday, and Haggard knows it. It is a portrait of the disgraced conservative evangelical Christian leader and friend of the Bush White House in exile, and a pathetic exile at that.After admitting in 2006 to buying methamphetamine from a male prostitute and confessing to “sexual immorality” amid accusations that he had a sexual relationship with the man, the Colorado pastor who once led the 30 million-member National Association of Evangelicals was banished from the state by church leaders and told not to publicly discuss his story. He resigned from the NAE and was stripped of his pastorship of the 12,000-member New Life Church in Colorado Springs. Haggard once was a staple of cable news shows, but for the past two years his large-toothed, wide, ever-smiling mouth has been silent.

With only a high school education – he called his college degree in “English Bible” worthless in the secular world – and his name a toxic Google search, the only job he can get is as a traveling health insurance salesman. After several scenes of schlepping his family from motel to rented home of a friend to cramped apartment in a moving van, he eventually looks at the camera and says, “I’m a first-class loser.” He didn’t think he could tell anyone his secret because he was afraid he would be ex-communicated and abandoned. “All that happened,” he says. “And worse.”

Over the phone a few weeks ago, Haggard, 52, says he realizes that some people will see his life spiral, recall his anti-gay marriage views and condemnation of homosexual behavior, and say he deserved it.

“I think they’re right,” Haggard told The Chronicle. “I think I did deserve it. I betrayed a trust. I did things that were not consistent with my role or my own belief system. So when people call me names or when people are harsh, that’s justice. When people are kind, I think that’s a gift.”

This video contains a news report about his most recent scandal.

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